Broncos Overrated O-line vs Michael Bennett

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  • I keep hearing how Peyton Manning's O-line is going to keep him clean on superbowl sunday. The only tough competition the broncos have faced are the chiefs, now don't get me wrong Hali and Houston are some beasts off the edge. But they don't have the L.O.B or the versatile inside pass rusher the hawks have and that is Michael Bennett. Bennett's speed creates a chaos in the middle of the O-line knifing threw gaps causing trouble for the guards and center. I believe Bennett will get Manning off his spot and get him to hold on to the ball just a little bit longer or rush his passes. Which is all he has to do becuase Avril and Clemons will be coming off the edge and if they have time i believe they hit Manning often.

    Almost all of M. Bennetts sacks came against QB's that were not considered mobile QB's. Peyton will slide in the pocket but he does not scramble so Manning basically will be in the same area every play and that plays to Bennett's style of playing inside.

    Bennett's 2013 reg. season sacks
    Wk 2. SF- 1.0 sack Wk 9. TB- 1.0 sack
    Wk 3. Jac- 1.5 sacks Wk.10 ATL- 1.0 sack
    Wk 6. Ten- 1.0 sack Wk.15 NYG- 1.0 sack
    Wk 7. ARZ- 1.0 sack Wk.16 STL- 1.0 sack
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  • I also remember that Denver struggled against Houston, and that was long after Houston's season had melted down.

    Edit PS: Actually the game to see how Denver might match up would be the Jacksonville game. Bradley has borrowed almost all of Seattle's defensive schemes and philosophy (and much of Seattle's philosophy in general....almost to the point where I am starting to think of Jax as "Seahawks East").

    Now the game's outcome was never in doubt because Jacksonville had frankly some of the worst talent in the NFL (sorry Jax fans but it's true). Nevertheless, for the first time in the season, Jacksonville made Denver's vaunted offense struggle and they made it struggle for exactly the same reasons why we think Seattle's defense is such a bad matchup for Denver. Heck it was a game all the way into the fourth qtr. Given the disparity of talent between Jax and Den (or between Jax and Sea), that's a disturbing portent if you are a Bronco fan.
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  • Houston did pretty well without Cushing and were only down 3 points (having given up only 1 TD) going into the 4th before collapsing and giving up 21 unanswered on very short drives (28, 55, 56 yards.) Also consider they were without Foster and had a very poor ground game, so it was mostly just Schaub throwing INC's and INT's all day.
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  • If I remember correctly, weren't Hali and Houston out for one of the Denver games ?

    The Jacksonville comparison is pretty compelling. I remember watching that game and wondering how the Jags were giving the Broncos everything they could handle.

    To say our defense is a lot more talented would be an understatement.

    Any pass rushers can be affected by the refs. If the refs keep their flags in their pockets (likely) and don't call a lot of holding, Manning is going to stay pretty clean. Then again, so will Wilson...and I like Wilson with time against the Donks secondary.
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