Terrific analysis on Antoine Winfield impact

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  • There is no place for other QBs to throw the ball this year...I am calling a record breaking year for sacks.
    I don't know if its Sinclair's 16.5 sacks or the team record, but the sacks will be there this year!
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  • Attyla the Hawk wrote:
    McG wrote:I just wish we could have got our hands on this guy 5 or 6 years ago. He is one of the most underrated, overlooked players in the NFL. I hope he plays 2 or 3 more years for us.

    If it works out -- I can see us looking hard at drafting a suitable successor for that role. It really almost seems like the LEO of your back 7. Someone suited to play the new position of Weakside Cornerbacker.

    That's why I was hoping we could pick up Jordan Poyer, he would have been a perfect Winfield type candidate.
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  • MLOhawks wrote:Does his age of 35 matter?

    Not as much as it would on 98% of the players in the NFL. Antoine ages well and his knowledge and experience keeps him at the top of his game. His addition will pay huge bonuses to players like Jeremy Lane and I hope like hell Tharold follows him around to learn some tackling technique.
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  • Very good write-up. Can't wait to see how he performs for us.
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  • Damn, that article took 2 days, 4 naps and a venti Americano to get through. Great stuff though. The amount of different looks we should be able to throw out with a guy like that in the mix will be mind boggling. Jeremy Lane should start apprenticing to Mr. Winfield right away. Lane has great physical skills and has similar talents attacking the run at the LOS (though significantly less refined) and could man that role for the Hawks for a generation if he plays his cards right.

    Winfield could be to Lane what Milloy was to Kam. This is going to be a hella fun season to watch. So many story lines.
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