If Trufant and L. Hill are healthy next week? ComPETE!!!!!

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  • Thurmond vs. Trufant?

    Clearly Thurmond was immensely better than trufant has been all year, and in man coverage he was tighter to the receivers then truant has ever been. YOU CAN'T PUT GOD AWFUL TRU OUT THEIR NOW!!!!

    Malcolm Smith vs. Leroy Hill?

    As for Leroy Hill or should I say Malcolm Smith the guy fills the wlb role... at least better than Leroy has...

    Farewell Leroy Hill and especially Marcus Truant... Loved you guys in the 2000's

    Answer this? Is their any way Pete and Bradley put either those of guys out their... Personally their is no way trufant plays again out their and Leroy Hill may not get his job back. And obviously neither of them will be on the team next year (possibly leroy hill for depth maybe but I strongly doubt that..about 5% chance)
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  • Hate to do this.

    The Bears dressed four WR's today, one of which was B. Marshall who was unstoppable (not Thurmond's fault) and another was Earl Bennett who left in the 2nd quarter. Can you tell me the names of the other TWO total WR's that Chicago had out there? How many 3-4 WR sets did the Bears actually come out in? How many time did Cutler even attempt to make another read after Marshall?

    I support giving Thurmond a start next week but I'm not ready to say that he was or is head and shoulders above Tru (even though I'd like to).
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  • The Seahawks may not need any DBs next week.
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  • I feel ya with the compete idea regarding Thurm and Smith.

    I'd still have Hill ready to go in short yardage/goaline - hes still a beast in those situations. If this is his last go round as a Hawk he can leave with his head high and return to raise the flag.
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  • Re:

    Thurmond/Trufant: 3 times in a nickel set today I saw Thurmond glued to his man (in man coverage) and a few times it was #15 of the bears he was on.

    Smith/Hill: Malcolm Smith made an awesome play when he hit somebody after they caught it and they got no yards, at all... last time Leroy tried to make an open field tackle on a back out Reggie bush/Daniel Thomas juked him out and got 10 yards and a first down. We all know how great hill was in his prime, but the truth is you cant judge how good a player by how he was in his prime, you can only judge a player at that given moment and at this given moment Malcolm Smith looks better (quicker, faster, more aware even, last week leroy was lost)...

    *notice how Thurmond and Smith's name is first then trufant and hill are after
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