Amid all the celebrating lets not forget how close we came

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  • to losing that game at the end of the half.

    Will this staff ever realize its fatal to take your foot off the gas at the end of the half? Especially against teams like the Pats.


    Our screw around there giving up the ball with lots of time left in the half for a team like them was unforgivable for any team. the fact that the D came through and Brady making a great Brady play that got undone because their receiver turned to the corner rather than stay in the middle of the field was epic.

    He gave them a chance to get points, managed to keep 2 seconds on the clock but thank God the officials were on the ball and caught that grounding so there was a 10 second run off that ended the half.

    If not for that, the Pats kick a field goal and that would have been the game.

    You can't ever slow down against anyone, keep firing. They should have tried some plays to get close enough for a field goal, but at least ran the clock out What's so sad is the mighty Pats weren't to good to try for points in the last few seconds. They realize how much they can mean. In that case we wouldn't be so happy right now.

    The run, run, pass, crap isn't funny to we fans who can see it coming. And that play they always seem to call on 3rd down, empty backfield pass play. How easy is that to defense when you know there is no one to run with the ball?

    So during all our happiness please remember our coaching staff tried like hell to outthink our players.

    On to week two. Week one was not a fluke!
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  • And that play they always seem to call on 3rd down, empty backfield pass play.

    ...makes me want to slap Bevell around. Seriously, I can forgive pretty much everything else. But why does that man hate our receivers so much? Is it really too much to ask for the most run oriented team in the league to pretend that it might run the ball in a situation where running the ball is actually a pretty good idea? You know what would be interesting? I know sounds strange, but... a play action. I mean, it's just so crazy it might work.

    Oh, look what you did. I wasn't going to go all negative until tomorrow... er... later today.
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  • There were 3 times out of 12 third down attempts that we had an empty backfield. 1 was 3rd and 9. 1 was 3rd and 5 (but we threw a screen pass to tate in which a early released block got him, we followed it up on 4th and 3 with TD to Braylon Edwards) The only one I'd say you could make an argument for was 3rd and 3 , we tried to throw it down the sidelines for a good 25 yards or so to Golden Tate, but it was a little overthrown or PI may have been called.

    BTW the 4th down and 3 we did have someone in the backfield.

    I hear a lot of negatives about Bevell but is this really something to be upset about? The only 3rd and short we didn't have someone in the backfield today was 3rd and 3. I think you're seeing it and then extrapolating it over and over again into other plays commited to memory because it failed.

    This is the first game where it seems Pete really let Bevell take shots, and boy did we ever. We had an excellent game as far as playcalling goes, and you take away a couple stupid penalties and we probably have even more TD's. Will you ever be satisfied?
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  • Also, the play to Golden Tate to get us into the red zone and into position to score the Braylon Edwards TD was Play Action. The TD to win it to Rice was a Play Action Bootleg. Both plays that really got us to win the game (aside from the actual pass to Braylon) were Play Action.

    Then there was the 3rd and 1 run when we first entered the Red Zone on around the 12 yard line, Lynch was hit in the backfield by an unblocked Spikes to force a field goal. That's all Bevell's fault right? Not the line?

    Anytime a play doesn't go well people are going to say it's the playcallers fault. When in most cases it's just poor execution. You'd think we lost this game. Personally, I like Bevell. I think he get's way too much blame when things go wrong and not enough credit when they go right.
    "Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories." - Sun Tzu
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  • The half INTENTINAL GROUNDING by Brady proved be huge otherwise thats 3 more points and I dont see seatle winning the game then... but alas it did not happen :P
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  • It was a great effort by both teams. Fortunately, we won.

    And alas, that DID happen. :th2thumbs:
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