Madden 10 records (and getting a bit carried away)

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  • I was curious to know how other folks here have done with breaking records. (Sorry if it's a previous post. I did have a look but there didn't appear to be one listed)

    I'm not normally obsessed by such things but sometimes the game seems to ignore players or suddenly give them free running room or no coverage.

    I don't have the tools and technology to play online yet, but I'm now in my third year of offline franchise I've managed these so far.

    Receiving yards (Game) John Carlson 402
    Receiving yards (Season) Housh 2,237 (Slight overkill here, I know. Butler barely caught about 300 all season at 'X' and Branch was purely a decoy at 'B' - Nate was just on KR and PR)
    Rushing yards (Game) Justin Forsett 247 (vs Minnesota and I lost the game!)

    So what blow-out stats have you guys achieved? Are mine any good?? I have no frame of reference!

    I also can't defend realistically either. Won the Superbowl on a 10-6 wildcard, No.1 run defense and a No.32 pass defense(!), having conceded the third most points in the league...

    Do tell. Bragging is allowed :)
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  • a few months back i got 38 sacks in a season with pat kerney
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  • I traded for Mike Wallace from the Steelers for Branch and he had 51 td catches in one season.
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  • if your talking online i beat some kid 109-6 with Seattle and he had the Vikings.

    104-30 Online Record

    most of my loses are from retarded disconnects that i didn't do.
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