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No political discussion, but political adds are OK?

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  • Just another irritating thing that has occurred with ownership change. Talk about a double standard!! :177692: You are in a democratic state here in Washington and yet are completely tone deaf and clueless on this double standard you have created here. Adds are one thing, but ONLY Trump adds are a huge mistake and will keep me elsewhere for my "pleasure of talking Seahawks".
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  • Added reply to "FAQ" forum

    Wenhawk wrote:
    Seymour wrote:This was posted on the main forum and moved. Yes there are Trump adds, and they show up on the main forum where politics is not allowed. Haven't seen them today...they come and go.

    I don't select the ads, i use a 3rd party who sources them. They are usually cookie driven and are targeted to your demographic and search histor. Our vendor places the highest paying ads for us and so far combined with our donations we are expecting to have adequate funding through this upcoming season.

    You should be able to click in the upper right of that ad and tell it not to show you that ad again or close it out. I don't pick any political side in particular and do not intend our ads to be political. I have myself seen the "Trumps on a roll" but i don't think that is political in nature.

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  • Yeah, irked me at first, but then I noticed. Most of those were about programs, I think in real estate, that have changed since the administration took over, but aren't necessarily Trump's doing. More about financing of houses, IIRC, than "political" in nature.
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