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    Russell Wilson still Hawks QB according to Florio

    That would be hilarious! In a very satisfying way. 😂
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    Russell Wilson still Hawks QB according to Florio

    I wouldn't take that to the bank. Ties happen.
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    NFL wants on-field officials to focus more on “illegal contact” fouls

    Well, one thing's for sure. The inevitability of the yellow rag on nearly every "amazing play" has sucked massive amounts of joy out of watching professional football. Yes, I know I don't have to watch it, and I do watch far less than I used to. Just a sad new reality.
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    So maybe I misread, but I thought the consensus was Russ had a negative influence on the 'Hawks draft the last few years, but now that he's a donkey, Pete and John were able to KILL the 2022 draft.
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    Seattle Mariners vs NY Yankees Aug 8-11

    Will be interesting to see what the batting order looks like when we start the series with the Rangers this Friday!
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    Geno named starting QB vs Steelers

    Geno will start, but Lock could end up getting the bulk of the minutes.
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    Seattle Mariners vs NY Yankees Aug 8-11

    What's up with JP the last couple weeks? His slump hasn't been helping the Ms, so hope it ends soon.
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    Back to Reality

    The race is so close that we could be looking at a photo finish for the WC finalists come October 5. Every game counts!
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    What the hell?

    That guy's lost! He was looking for the Sumo Wrestling door and accidently used the Baseball door.
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    Back to Reality

    With the Athletics winning more now than they were before the All Star break (including sweeping the Asterisks and taking 2 out of 3 in the recent series vs Angels), the Ms are going to need to find a way to get it together if their intentions are to stay north of .500 and be a wild card...
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    A Nest of Lockdown Corners In The Making?

    That's definitely something we've been missing for the last few years. Hope to see lots of it during the season!
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    Longest Home Run Ever

    Amazing what performance enhancers can do!
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    Mariners 2022 Season

    When we finally have a game where Julio, France, Haniger, and Castillo are all playing, that should be a heck of a game to watch! Hope it's against the Yanks or Asterisks.
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    Castillo vs Ray Vs Gilbert

    With what we gave up for Castillo, I hope he is, in fact, the indisputable ace.
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    For this season, what will make you happy?

    Very happy: Winning it all with Lock, Smith, or Eason at QB! (And then we draft a new franchise QB in 2023 who helps us win 10 more SBs in a row.)