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    Seahawks Must-See: MONSTER Arkansas QB KJ Jefferson could be a Franchise-Changer

    Small sample size, but the only time he threw to a non-first read was the last scramble drill. He reminds me of Justin Fields, but with better mechanics. Much better mechanics.
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    Why are we keeping Jacob Eason

    He's got a Jeff George-level arm. And you need at least three QBs for camp and stuff.
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    Seahawks offensive line ranked NFL's worst by Pro Football Focus going into 2022

    It might be among the worst for the first few weeks, due to all the new personnel. But it's got a ton of talent. I expect to steadily improve all season.
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    Do you worry more about 2022 defense or offense?

    Great question. I'm not really worried about either, necessarily. But I think the defense is more interesting to pay close attention to. I suspect it'll either be a lot, lot better, or a complete $hitshow. I think the run game will probably be pretty good once the new tackles take some lumps...
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    Who is your surprise player that will be cut?

    I read the details wrong. I thought the $3m dead money hit and $6.5 cap savings would be this year.
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    Jimmy G? I'd be in -

    I don't like the term "throw-away year." It's an important season to set the stage for a team that will hopefully be meaningfully competitive in two or three years. That's not meaningless. It's necessary. The final record/result in terms of wins and losses isn't the most important thing in...
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    Carson Is Done (Opinion)

    For the record, I'd have been stoked with Walker III's drafting even if Carson's injury hadn't been catastrophic. But, yeah, it's sounding like it would be reckless for him to suit up again. Especially at the position he plays and how he plays it. I've got some spinal compression between C6 and...
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    Does anyone else think Seattle won the trade?

    If Russ doesn't revert to 2019 or early 2020 form, this trade could be very bad for Denver.
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    Abraham Lucas or Jake Curhan, who has edge in Right Tackle competition?

    They were his first snaps in the NFL. I imagine if they projected him at guard he could still get a chance there. If Lucas ends up starting at RT, especially.
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    Abraham Lucas or Jake Curhan, who has edge in Right Tackle competition?

    Guard is where they projected him, and where he got his first snaps last year.
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    Less pass rushers in coverage?

    Hopefully "coverage" usually means a short drop zone or the flat for guys like Taylor and Nwochu.
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    Abraham Lucas or Jake Curhan, who has edge in Right Tackle competition?

    I'm hoping Lucas progresses quickly and wins that job, which puts Curhan at right/left guard (left, if they correctly move Lewis back to RG)--making Gabe Jackson expendable.
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    Seahawks Docuseries

    That was really enjoyable. Thanks, SC!
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    REPORT(s): Seahawks still interested in Mayfield, Browns willing to eat salary

    Even if he did become a Hawk, he'd still be part of the competition. I can't see him being handed the reigns based on his starting experience/draft position. The Hawks do have two fifth-round picks. As such, I'd be okay giving up a sixth or seventh IF the Browns ate most of the salary cap hit.