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    Geno named starting QB vs Steelers

    I read somewhere that the reason Smith looks bad and Lock looked good was because they were giving Lock the easy plays and Geno the more advanced plays, or something to that effect. Edit: Found it...
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    NFL wants on-field officials to focus more on “illegal contact” fouls

    I feel like this going to be a disaster. "Illegal contact" flags are already iffy enough as it is, and now they want more of them? Yeah, I don't see this ruining the game.
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    Mock scrimmage 2022

    Man I'm so fired up and ready for their first preseason game this next weekend
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    Abraham Lucas or Jake Curhan, who has edge in Right Tackle competition?

    I feel like Jake will start through at least half of the season, then I expect Lucas to pick it up and it will be a real battle and a good problem to have.
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    I think the Coaches are correctly managing the situation with QBs currently on the roster

    I'm telling you right here and now, I agree with @keasley45 and I think Lock will be the starter this year. Strap in and go hawks!
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    For this season, what will make you happy?

    I'll be happy if their defense is nasty and their offense is average. That's not asking for too much, right?!? RIGHT?!?
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    QB Watson suspended 6 games

    Right, but to my knowledge he was betting on his team to win while on injured reserve. I'm not exactly sure how that undermines the integrity of the NFL unless the integrity of the NFL is shaky.
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    QB Watson suspended 6 games

    At first I was disappointed that he's only getting 6 games when Ridley got worse but there's some key things to consider: -Watson was never officially charged -The NFL (Big Rog) hasn't responded yet to my knowledge so it could be longer.
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    Reuben Foster

    I remember him being a BIG name out of college just to be a disappointment with off-the-field issues. Pete and John LOVE reclamation projects, and if he's in great shape and serviceable I wouldn't be surprised at all if they pulled the trigger and signed him.
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    DK Signing 3 Year/72m extension

    The only thing that worries me about this contract is the amount of years...that if we succeed on the qb we choose next draft, both extensions will be 1 year apart from each other unless we tag one of them
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    REPORT: Baker Deal Nearly Done

    Hey guys, July is the last month without NFL football until March 2023.
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    The Boys - Amazon Prime Original

    Has anyone seen the latest episode yet (Herogasm)? Talk about insanely intense. Also I found it hilarious that they mocked the celebrities singing "Imagine" by John Lennon
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    Way too early Seahawks QB pick...

    I don't really have an opinion on Levis yet, waiting to see how he does this year to actually see if he sustains his play. I will say, however, that it's almost impossible to predict the Seahawks draft picks under this current regime so I'm not holding my breath on Levis being picked. I strongly...
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    Source: Russell Wilson Wanted Schottenheimer Fired

    I totally agree with this. It was such an embarrassing loss, I remember the bar I watched it at in Atlanta and I could literally feel people's pity as I was wearing one of my Seahawks' jerseys. Also, **** Wilson. He was great while he was here but the divorce is final and we need to move on.
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    Arch Manning

    Yep, after committing to the Longhorns, I'm really interested to see how he lives up to his hype.