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    Caption this

    "Good win... Goodwin!" 😉
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    Killer Bees 🐝 (Barton and Brooks)

    These two are going to be a hell of a tandem going forward. I was a little skeptical when we released KJ and then Bobby the following year, but boy did they look impressive in their opening debut as a duo.
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    Jamal Adams likely Out for Season

    He'll be back. Better than ever. 😫
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    Week 2 - The San Francisco 49ers

    Last night's game was amazing. The cup of joe this morning tastes better than ever. But it is a short week, and up next is The San Francisco 49ers. Beating Russ and Co. was all most of us wanted. But beating the 49ers will always have a special place in my heart. A few bits from what their...
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    Jamal Adams?

    I feel bad for the guy. I still believe he is going to do great things for us. Hopefully his injury isn't season ending and he can return somewhere down the line as they make the push for the playoffs 😉🙏🙌. #mamaswatching
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    Shelby Harris

    Great interview from the former Denver Bronco.
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    Jamal Adams?

    That's too bad. Hope he recovers soon.
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    Jamal Adams?

    Anyone got an update on our million dollar man?
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    Official eat crow thread

    There was a few of you. You know who you are. "They wrote me off... but I didn't write back!" - Geno Smith
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    Unbelievable popularity of peteball in opening week

    Run, pass, run or run, run pass = peteball
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    Forget About Drafting Bryce Young

    I like the kid from USC.

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