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    Do We Love Julian Love Yet?

    He gave up 100 or so passing yards against the Lions. I don't know if he's the actual issue, but the stats have not been kind to him. Overall, he's been fine. He's making high-end backup money, so I wasn't expecting him to be great.
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    Bears DC Resigns abruptly

    A quick search on these sources leads me to believe the rumors are made up. For example, the most damning speculation is coming from a bunch of low-tier YouTubers with somewhat official sounding names.
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    Did missing our tackles actually helps us last Sunday?

    I've never seen evidence that Pete is stubborn on offense. They've always adapted their game plans. Was it an advantage? I don't know. They probably have more success running the ball if the tackles were healthy. That's the thing: Stone and Jake are decent pass blockers and mostly terrible run...
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    Aros' Fearless Prediction Thread (vs Panthers)

    24-3 Seahawks. This is a prove-it game for the Seahawk's defense—the first game against a sub-top-ten offense. I may be optimistic about the final score, but if the defense is as good as I believe, they'll handle the Panthers.
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    Common theme on every Lions forum rn????

    Let's be clear. Henry Ruggs had a BAC twice the legal limit when his accident happened. Jalen Carter wasn't intoxicated. The reckless driving occurred in moments; we know this from the pieced-together security footage: one car sped away, the other tried to pass them, and within thirty-sixty...
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    Thoughts on the Lions Game

    Brown was a solid 2nd/3rd corner. He's an upgrade over Jackson. I know people loathe the passivity on defense, but this style is exactly what Pete and John want.
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    Common theme on every Lions forum rn????

    Anyone seriously condemning Pete and John for McDowell is reaching. McDowell got into a freakish ATV accident. Was that caused by his predraft red flags of a lack of work ethic and leadership? I doubt it. And even saying it sounds silly. Whether people wanted Carter or not doesn't bother me...
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    After 2 games: #3 in offense, #30 in defense

    If you want your mind blown, we have the 22nd-ranked offense and the 14th-ranked defense, according to DAVE (essentially DVOA with preseason projections factored in). In normal DVOA, we have the 10th-ranked offense and 22nd-ranked defense. The Panthers will be an intriguing barometer for the...
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    Could Payton be worse than Hackett?

    I think Russell is a losing player now. He's still capable of putting up good stats, but his style is heavily dependent on big plays. He could offset that dependence in the past by extending drives/plays with his legs, but he's no longer capable of doing that consistently. So, as Throwdown's...
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    Run game

    I've mentioned this before; the evidence suggests that—in most cases—it doesn't require an effective running game to get players to bite on the fake. However, if you can't run the ball, and a defense knows you can't, it becomes a coachable issue. That's why teams like the Niners aren't getting...
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    Rating Spoon's Debut

    Witherspoon looked shaky early but found his feet as the game went on. He gave up 64 yards on five targets and was partially responsible for one or two TDs, depending on where you assign blame on the flea flicker. Not a bad first outing.
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    Is Geno Clutch Enough Now?

    Geno Truthers need a poll option. Many of us thought Geno was capable in the clutch last season.
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    Campbell Direspects Hawks

    I don't think he's being disrespectful either. The Falcons have arguably the best skill players in the league, and their stars are all under 23. There's a reason they're 2-0 with Desmond Ridder at QB.
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    The O is great; D Bad

    The defense was significantly closer to great than bad. For starters, the Lions averaged 33 ppg at home last season. They have one of the best offenses in football. And while they battled injuries, so did we. It's also worth noting that Vaitai and Montgomery only missed their final two...
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    Common theme on every Lions forum rn????

    According to PFF, Carter is one of the five best defenders in the NFL through two games. If your team's defense sucks and they had the opportunity to draft Carter, questioning why they didn't is the logical next step.