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    Michael Penix Jr scouting report

    Locker would've been unstoppable in the modern NFL.
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    Cody Barton's snaps are killing this team

    Barton may not be the solution, but he's not the problem. Instead, the problem is the DL, which, outside of Al Woods, struggles to win at the point, putting enormous pressure on our undersized linebackers to get off blocks and make tackles. So whether you think it's the scheme, personnel, or...
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    Geno wasn’t clutch

    The sample size is too small to determine whether Geno is clutch (assuming it's a real thing). The fact is he's only had a few opportunities to win the game at the end, and only a handful of those failed becomes of him. Similarly, it's also worth noting that 4QCs correlate with the strength of...
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    We currently have the no. 3 pick. What would you do?

    The easy answer is an edge rusher. However, the preliminary reports indicate this is a relatively deep draft for Edge Rushers. So I suppose it depends on how large you think the gap between Will Anderson (assuming he's available) and the other pass rushers are. In contrast, this looks like a...
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    Rodgers to Seattle in 23’

    I never thought Cowherd would end up looking more delusional than Skip Bayless, but here we are.
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    Diggin on Diggs

    Let's be clear. If you release both this offseason, you'd be paying 12m/season (for three seasons) to safeties no longer on the team. They could afford to cut Diggs, but Adam's is not going anywhere. And honestly, the best case scenario is having both of them on the roster next season.
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    NFL Games are rigged. A Poll.

    The NFL is not rigged. But the league has some pretty dubious ways of unintentionally steering games. For example, they show film before a game to emphasize infractions that need to be called on a particular team. This approach can have a dramatic impact on the outcome of games if the team is...
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    Can Geno start playing well against good defenses?

    The Tannehill vs. Geno comparison comes down to how much you value advanced stats. For example, Tannehill is average to below average in just about every statistic besides pressure comp% and play-action comp%, which makes sense considering he's playing with an all-time great RB. Meanwhile, Geno...
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    Can Geno start playing well against good defenses?

    I'm baffled. Geno had nearly 300 yards and 2 TDs with 70% completions. He didn't play a perfect game. But once the offense got rolling, Tampa's defense wasn't stopping them.
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    This is a test on what to pay Geno

    Even great QBs have bad games against good defenses.
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    Geno playing like ass

    The Bucs are living in our backfield, and Geno's not getting any help from the run game. Not an ideal start, but I don't think he's the issue.
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    Lockett responds to criticism about third down slide...

    I don't mind Tyler avoiding big hits, but his comment feels like a cop-out. We praise players for having on-field awareness, and Tyler is basically using his lack of it as a reason for not going for the first down when he slid.
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    49ers second favorites for NFC. Why?

    100% I'm not convinced they are the best team in their division. And they've played the easiest schedule in the NFL.
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    I still haven't finished the series, but it's been good thus far. I agree. Disney needs to continue taking risks with directors willing to try new things. I know SheHulk (among others) is an example of where that approach doesn't always work. But without those risks and failures, the SW...
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    6-11, ESPN"s latest prediction of our season

    It is analytics-based. However, ESPN's model weights preseason predictions pretty heavily, so it will be off quite a bit as we advance.