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    It’s not how you finish, it’s how you start.

    it is ridiculous the amount of times Pete’s stupid “it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish” has been proven incorrect.
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    Waldron needs to be our next HC

    Screw losing him to another team after this season.
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    How Zen Are You?

    Personally, I am 10/10 zen about going through the rebuild itself. I can handle the losses, the beatdowns, as long as I have the prospect of younger players growing in experience and developing a good base for a future team. However, I am a 0/10 zen with the coach ownership has entrusted this...
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    Russ was TRASH

    I appreciate your opinion, and wish you the best in life
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    Russ was TRASH

    We still love you
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    Russ was TRASH

    I feel like I just witnessed one of those TV sermons where you can just feel the preacher owns 6 private jets. Truth!
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    We may be way better than all of us think.

    To be honest that usually a rhetoric that permeates any game tho, the “underdog” team is less likely to get credited with “earning” the win, and the perceived better team pretty much always gets blamed for “letting the other team win”, or in some form.
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    No respect in Power Rankings.

    I love the fiery rebellion in your post, but I don’t really think we are in any situation as a team to feel disrespected. Our management has left us with a shell of the team we could have had, and one good draft and 1 win week one does not an immediate contender make. Now in a couple weeks if...
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    I think Russ lost his nerve in the end.

    What’s up with the hieroglyphs? I’m not going to disagree that Wilson should not have thrown it. The main point of my post was to disprove that the ball placement was somehow terrible. It was not.
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    How soon until "The Brand" wants out of Denver?

    The question was theoretically what the soonest RW would leave town if everything was going south. I’m not offering a straight up prediction, that seems to be what you are responding to. To clarify, I’m fairly certain everything will not go south for them all season, and he will be quite happy...
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    Feels good to use our tight ends

    I I don’t think having a different opinion than yourself makes someone a salty b
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    "They wrote me off, but I ain't write back"

    Props to Geno to sticking with it and putting on a conservative show tonight. However, some of these quotes like this just strike me as so self-arrogant. Just like Wilson's garbage quote about carrying the team, this Geno quote just reeks of lack of awareness. Like yeah... they wrote you off...
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    How soon until "The Brand" wants out of Denver?

    It's one game. Part of the reason Wilson left was to be paired with a head coach he could problem solve with together. This is season 1 with them together on a new system. No one is going anywhere for at least 2 years.
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    I think Russ lost his nerve in the end.

    Why is revisionist history so prevalent on here? In what world is this "on the back shoulder of the receiver?". This is literally a perfectly lead, at the numbers thrown ball. The reason for the interception has been solved, concretely, by players on the field. Per Brandon Browners own words...
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    Jamal Adams?

    I wish no ill-will towards Jamaal, I hope he recovers well and quickly. But I am so over this garbage trade. I would be happier to hear he was cut and we ate all that money, it would be way more relaxing to deal with then stress every game what part of the porcelain body will crack next every...