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    So, Kyler Murray #1 Overall

    Mini JaMarcus Russell...
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    Board restored to 2am February 11th. Anything that happened afterward has been donated to the mySQL gods.
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    I'll explain the outage later... There will inevitably be issues, please email [email protected] if you encounter any errors, and I will get to them as soon as I can. FYI: I know the IRC/Chat server is still offline.
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    Embedding Instagram...

    Instagram changed how they allowed embedding. I've changed the code. Just use the identifier, as you would a youtube vid. BjqfWbcD6Q- BjqfWbcD6Q-
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    New National Anthem Policy

    Shit like this is exactly why the original shack was closed. Want to declare yourself the adult in the room? Act like it. There is no need for you to declare the comments of others “childish games of semantics”. State your opinion and move on without the condescension.
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    Voting - Poster of the Month - May 2018

    Why struggle with such trivial things? I know a guy that can probably change this...
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    Voting - Poster of the Month - May 2018

    Isn't it the M.O. of this forum to judge things before they've happened? :lol:
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    Jersey talk

    This particular Jersey was on a Wilson mannequin in a Nike booth at XLVIII. It’s not like someone was trying to replicate something and failed.
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    Brian Cushing visiting.

    The money must be good. Cushing is a complete tool.
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    "Jersey Sale" Trend

    No apologies necessary. Just saying, drcool is in the know when it comes to what is on those sites and why.
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    "Jersey Sale" Trend

    This should be treated as THE definitive answer to this...
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    Saved post

    User Control Panel => Overview Tab => Manage Drafts ucp.php?i=main&mode=drafts
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    Game day forum?

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    Lacy inactive...