Fox sports has us picking Tavon Austin

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Fox sports has us picking Tavon Austin
Fri Jan 25, 2013 8:48 am
  • "25. Seattle Seahawks: Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia

    Russell Wilson silenced all of his critics (including me) who thought he was too small, didn’t have a big enough arm and wasn’t worthy of a third round pick in 2011 (me, me, me) this season. Austin would be an incredible addition to the Seattle offense. With the new free-access receivers getting off the line, dynamic slot guys like Austin become all the more dangerous. He’s a lightning rod. This is Percy Harvin Part II. Sidney Rice, Golden Tate and Austin would make for quite a trio." ... cks-012113
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  • Make the trade for revis and draft all defense (specifically pass rush)
    Week 1 of the preseason vs. The Tennessee Titans, I said the Seahawks were winning the superbowl...

    "Oh and by the way, Go Hawks!!!" Russel Wilson
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  • I think he's a bad fit for us and not at all what we need from the position.
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  • McGruff wrote:I think he's a bad fit for us and not at all what we need from the position.

    Disagree 1000 will have to know where that guy is at ALL TIMES on the field. Can't teach speed. He starts on that jet sweep? How many guys are following him. He be around that end so fast!
    Then watch lynch blast up the middle

    He's a matchup nightmare...there is NO answer for a guy like that yet in he league. He's exact what this offense needs.

    How isn't be what we need? We have possession receivers up and down the roster?

    Can't jam him or he's gone...can't play off 10 yards or he's a bubble screen for 5 yards before DB gets there

    Pure speed and quickness underneath!!
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  • Firstly - what an atrocious mock draft. Has this guy watched any college football? Manuel and Nassib in the top ten? Eric Reid at #15? It's B*****r R****t worthy. Might be the worst I've seen in a long time.

    I agree with those saying not a great fit for this team. We've used jump balls and play action for three years now, don't use a lot of screens and we want to run, so we want to use a lot of run looks. How does Austin fit into this?

    We'd have to manufacture packages for him. I'd be concerned he'll be another Dexter McCluster. I think he's superior to McCluster, but I'd be wary of taking him in R1 nonetheless.

    The one thing Seattle hasn't really got is size. Tate and Baldwin are sub-6-0. Rice is a very lean 6-4 and just over 200lbs. We could do with a big, fast guy outside who wins the jump ball situations we use and can feature in PA. That's the natural fit IMO.
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  • I like Austin a ton, but not in the 1st

    "We all we got, we all we need"
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  • Anybody watch the niners?

    They have every play in thief book...

    You just said that we have run the same playbill essentially for 3 years...and POOF we started song something different and we couldn't be stopped!

    So we should keep running the same things over and over? Yes...put in packages for him...and ten the D has to gameplan for ALL positions on the field. The best defenses take away the best option and then make the rest of the team beat them

    Last I saw reverses and jump balls were low percentage plays...if you have someone under neath that the D must push up on...over the top becomes a higher percentage.

    In fact...until we started don't somethin different. It was 8 in the box and we were a 500 team with the worst pass percentage and yards per attempt in the league?

    The niners have the biggest playbill in the NFL and you don't know what is coming.

    The texans were world beaters until you took away the run

    Dosnt fit? If you havnt noticed...spreading the field is what you have to do today
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  • Lets get slower and more predictable? Sounds like a winning formula to me
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Re: Fox sports has us picking Tavon Austin
Sun Jan 27, 2013 11:42 am
  • The kid looks electric- Pete himself always has said he wants game-changers that can tilt the field. If him and John feel this kid can fit the bill he will be a Hawk, no doubt. I know we need D line help but we can always add horsepower to the O if someone like that ends up in our lap. I think the way our offense is setting up we will be able to outscore our opponent in many of those close games we lost last year, no?
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  • zayden185 wrote:Lets get slower and more predictable? Sounds like a winning formula to me

    Nobody is making that argument.
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  • I can see a player like Austin adding a spark to our offense, but I also see the importance in having a larger reliable target.

    Past history says Pete and John want a big guy

    Mike Williams
    Braylon Edwards
    Kellen Winslow
    Brandon Marshall
    Vincent Jackson
    John Carlson
    Visanthe Shiancoe
    Antonio Bryant
    Evan Moore

    Every one of these guy have either played on, been targeted by, or rumors were that we made an effort to get them.

    I'd have to think Tate was suppose to be that type of player Austin is for us and they did draft him in the 2nd but I would be very surprised if we went small with this pick. I am as high on Hopkins at WR as most around here but going back to the Big Target guys available I think this team values size quite a bit.
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  • Tavon Austin is indeed an interesting player and would likely be a Harvin/McCluster type of WR/RB combination. IMO, whichever team drafts Austin will likely use him in a somewhat more limited specialist type role. I think that is reasonable because his speed and experience justifies using him as both a receiver and running back, however, as a runner, his very existence in a backfield kinda tips the hand as to where the ball may go. Most likely, his small size will also be a big negative as a pass blocker when playing in a running back role. As a pure speed type of wide receiver Austin is very, very good, however, I think it is debatable if he's even the best pure wide receiver on his own team (see stats link below).

    Austin's stats from the 2012 season show that he rushed 72 times for 643 yards and 3-TD's, which is great when combined with his receiving totals. As a wide receiver In 2012 Austin had 114 catches for 1289 yards and 12-TD's. His total rushing & receiving #'s equal 1932 yards and 15-TD's which is excellent. However, IMO Austin is more of a luxury pick at this point in time for the Seahawks because there are at least two straight up wide receiver positions that need improvement first IMO (replacements/competition for Kearse & Martin). A great, tall, fast WR would be a good get for the Seahawks, but they don't grow on trees (especially after the first couple of rounds). Also, IMO The needs on the D-line are much more urgent than the needs at the wide receiver position right now.

    Along with Austin in the West Virginia receiving corps is Steadman Bailey, 5-10, 190-lbs. who is about the same size as Golden Tate. Bailey ended up the 2012 season also with 114 catches but for 1622-yards and 25-TD's. Bailey isn't nearly as fast as Austin, it is indicated online that he runs a 4.49/40 (combine # could beat this time). Bailey's 25 TD's was tops in the college football stats, the next player down that list is DeAndre Hopkins (82 catches for 1405 yards) with 18 TD's, third on that list are two players tied with 14-TD's. The difference between Austin's 15 TD's and Bailey's 25 TD's is potentially 70 points on the scoreboard. That's a lot of difference.

    If we accept the thought that PC/JS are pretty straight forward regarding team needs, what I've seen lately is that they desire players that are "touchdown makers" and "play makers" (obviously in addition to pass rushers as the highest priority). Considering that these two wide receivers had the same QB and teams around them and had the exact same # of receptions, stats to compare are: 25 TD's by Bailey vs: 15 (total) TD's for Austin. 14.2 yards per catch by Bailey vs: 11.3 yards per catch for Austin, (even with Austin's speed advantage). Bailey's longest reception was 87 yards, Austin's longest reception was 75 (again, even with Austin's speed advantage).

    IMO, Steadman Bailey in round 3 would be a much better VALUE pick than Austin in round 1, this is especially true when one considers the somewhat generally accepted thought that a DT & rush DE are the #1 and #2 team needs. I think all of the top rated -tall- wide receivers will be long gone by round 3 of the draft, so if the Seahawks want a wide receiver in round 3 the pickings get a lot slimmer. A TD maker that comes in and competes with Kearse and Martin sounds good to me. I'd also like to see them draft Brandon Kaufman, WR, (6-4 214) in the later rounds for the tall deep threat role. RW needs more arrows in his quiver and bottom line, the object of the game is to score more points than your opposition, thus the need for a proven TD maker to be added to the mix.

    Stats link: ... Touchdowns
    Bailey evaluation/video: ... man-bailey
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  • REACH!

    Rather take Marquise Goodwin in the bottom of 4th for essentially the same player. Would be a huge mistake taking a situational receiver in the early rounds with such a great need for DT/OLB/DE
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  • I don't think I like spending a first on Austin, either. However, I am so glad to say that the Hawks finally have evaluators that are better than the average fan.

    I get excited when folks talk about us taking a couple of receivers this year. I would love to add one of the talented tight ends and a receiver or two.
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