Hypothetical Seahawks trade: Which trade do you make?

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Which deal do you make?

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  • Arizona calls and tells us they'll give us Larry Fitzgerald for our 1st round pick. (very very unlikely)

    Detroit calls and tells us they'll give us Ndomakong Suh for our 1st round pick. (i have a strange feeling that he's going to be a Seahawk someday, either thru free agency or trade)
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  • Personally I go for Suh. I think for us getting interior pass rush is more important than finding a deep threat reciever. Plus Suh is a lot younger than Fitz.
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  • Can we get Suh and Darnell Dockett both??????
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  • Suh versus Browner

    who wins?
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  • themunn wrote:Suh versus Browner

    who wins?

    The NFL.

    (It's the fines, you see.)

    Voted for Suh. We'd actually be the dirtiest team in the league, but damn, the middle would be a battlefield of dead centers and guards with him and Mebane on the same line.
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  • Fitz. Suh truly is a dirty player, would not want him on this team.
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  • Errghh. As much as I would want Fitz on my team the only answer is Suh.

    Younger. Cheaper. At a far more important position. Now maybe Suh hasn't reached his potential yet, he's still a freak. Put him in the middle of our defense and watch us work.

    If both made an equally not ridiculous amount of money I might go with Fitzgerald. I don't buy Suh being a bad guy but Fitz is all class. Him and Wilson would be like the classiest dudes to ever exist together.
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  • Suh for youth and the impact I think he'd have. Fitz is unbelievable, but I think what he'd add to this team is more of a luxury than what Suh would bring.
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  • Suh easily, Fitzgerald would be awesome but I think we have a great QB and great QB's always make their receivers play better than they are.
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  • Meeker wrote:Fitz. Suh truly is a dirty player, would not want him on this team.

    He's being payed to play DT, not help old ladies across the street.

    Besides, doesn't anyone remember the last time we only went for guys who had "character?"
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  • Threads like this when we are still playing in the post season???
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  • Really neither as the real option is to draft a Suh-clone with the pick. Or a Fitz-clone. But given one or the other, Suh.
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  • I love the idea of Russell throwing to Fitz but I'd take Suh over him. DT is probably the biggest position of need besides WR and getting Suh eliminates that. He's a young talent with tons of potential. He'd make our defense truly formidable.

    Seriously though, if Suh is offered to us, I hope Seattle takes him. Even better if he becomes a FA and we get him cheaper than usual (not likely though).
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  • Neither.

    While Fitzgerald seems like a very strong "change of scenery" candidate, he did have a massively disappointing 2012 season (he almost single handedly killed my season in fantasy football), and he turns 30 just before the season opener next season. Sure, his QBs sucked, but they sucked in 2011 and he put up 1400 yards. I think there is some real upside but also some real risk with Fitz.

    More importantly, he's inked to a massive contract that pays him until his age 36 season. The remainder of that deal is $103.25 million with roughly $25.5 million still guaranteed. His cap hit numbers EXPLODE in 2014 and beyond, which is exactly when Seattle needs that money the most. His contract is a dealbreaker, IMO.

    Surprisingly, Suh's numbers are just as bad. His cap hits over the next three years: $17.15m, $17.57m, $9.40m. It's unclear but I think his 2015 ($9.40m) year might be an "option" year or something because it wasn't reported on his initial contract signing. Suh is a great player and could be a missing piece, but you'd have to make a lot of sacrifices to keep his contract on the books for 2014.

    Of the two, I'd prefer Suh. Not only is he a younger player at a bigger position of need, but at least Seattle could potentially work around his contract by trading Flynn and restructuring Miller (and fully utilizing all the RFA options Seattle has in 2014).

    That said, dealing for Suh would be such a headache that I'd be just fine with avoiding it. And I also seriously doubt that Detroit would part with Suh for a single late 1st round pick. He would be an amazing player and an amazing story (local guy, sort of), but right now I don't see it. Maybe when he hits FA in 2016.
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  • Seahawk Sailor wrote:Really neither as the real option is to draft a Suh-clone with the pick. Or a Fitz-clone. But given one or the other, Suh.

    Not sure how that will ever happen. A player like Fitz comes around once a decade and a player like Suh comes along once a never. And when the next clone does come along, we'd need a very high pick to get him. Seattle picked 6th the year Suh came out and that wasn't even close to being high enough.

    I don't anticipate Seattle picking lower than 21st for a very long time, either. Rather than looking for the next Suh or Fitz, JS is going to have to earn his money looking for the next Brandon Marshall and Geno Atkins.
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  • Give me Fitz first, but I would love either. Fitz would be huge for our passing game. Imagine Rice on one side, Fitz on the other and Tate working the middle.
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  • Suh would love to come back home to the Pacific NW.
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