Hawkblogger interviews Richard Sherman (video)

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    I have to admit, as a fellow blogger I find this pretty amazing. And Richard Sherman used to play World of Warcraft? Awesome. Based on his tall and lanky build, I'd bet he played Troll.

    Sherman also had a nice insight into Browner's 2012 improvement.
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  • Well done Hawkblogger! Really cool to get an insight into IMO one of the best players on this team. Different side to him than previously seen on the Real Rob Report :)

    I wonder - was permission from the team needed to conduct the interview? (Y'know, just on the off chance an interviewee - be it Sherman or potentially anyone else - might let something important slip on the upcoming game)
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  • That was quite the interview. Thank you for that link.
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  • Richard Sherman is awesome... but in no way is playing World of Warcraft awesome.
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  • Too many 'uhs' but a fun interview nonetheless. Thanks for finding it.
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  • "we are just a bunch of no-name low round draft picks and free agents, we just go out and dominate."

    To Steve Smith: "football isn't a wrestling match, and I am going to destroy you by the end of this game."

    = Awesome.
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