83 draft...hawks could've had elway?

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83 draft...hawks could've had elway?
Mon Apr 29, 2013 7:05 am
  • watched espn 30 for 30 series 'elway to marino' over the weekend...pretty cool stuff...what i really thought was interesting was that elway apparently was very open to hawks drafting him (we instead took curt warner)...

    wierd how things work out sometimes...we all know his story and i thought warner should be a seahawk hall o famer...but other players pick after us that yr..we had 3rd pick..elway #1, dickerson #2 then us at #3...but guys we passed on..guys like marino, kelly, joey browner, bruce matthews, darrell green..just to name a few...

    i realize draft is such a crap win some, you lose some...but elway or marino or jim kelly in seahawks blue?? We were going with krieg at the time...and he should receive consideration also i suppose to make seahawk hall o fame but different would our history have been!! O well, shoulda coulda woulda to death but makes you wonder...
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