DDidn't like the referee calls tonight

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DDidn't like the referee calls tonight
Sun Dec 30, 2012 8:26 pm
  • The pick call against McCoy was ticky tack, he pulled back and tried to avoid the LB. The LB was completely out of yhe play anyway.

    The hold on McCoy was BS because the Rams O line had hans on shoulder pads all game long. There should have been a lot of holds on thiose St Louis olinemen.

    THE ILLEGAL CONTACT ON MAXWELL was BS too, both guys were hand fighting and itt looked to me like the WR pushed off.

    The roughing the passer on Irvin was also bogus. It was a love tap and the ball had just left his hand. It hardly effected Sam. But a Ram player hit Russell and knocked him down long after the ball was gone. At least be consistent.

    damn caps lock...

    Other than that, no real complaints.
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  • I thought the officiating was really good and both teams were really sloppy.

    Especially the first two you just mentioned were painfully obvious penalties.
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  • Well I can't imagine getting any favors next week either...the Redskins are back in the playoffs!!! I'm sure we'll see the same treatment.
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  • FortWorthSeahawk wrote:Well I can't imagine getting any favors next week either...the Redskins are back in the playoffs!!! I'm sure we'll see the same treatment.

    Our treatment will depend on which "team of Referees" get assigned to the game. The Refs in this Redskins/Boys were fairly conservative at throwing the flag.
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  • Annoying game. So many penalties.
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  • exactly, Seahawks are known to play hard nosed football, so officials may be more flag happy. We should be better than that as a team, most of the penalties were real.
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  • there were a TON of no-calls for the lambs... I couldn't count the personal fouls they committed in front of refs, with no repercussion. The PI on maxwell was bs, the pi on McCoy, laughable. The excessive holding calls on us, but not them.... jesus it was HORRIBLE.
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  • The refs were calling way way way to much bs. It was even on both sides, but it was stupid. Ruined the whole flow of the game. If you watched the Lions/Bears game, then you would see what officiating should be like. They let both those teams play. There was contact, but not a flag. Great reffed game.
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    So Russell has leverage but marshawn doesn't ? I thought its next man up. Hey we got t jack and bj Daniels right ??
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  • The PI call on Maxwell was complete BS... Both players were making contact and BOTH players had their eyes on the ball.
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