A deal with the deities

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A deal with the deities
Sat Dec 29, 2012 12:16 am
  • After successfully lobbying Coverage Jesus to overturn Sherman's suspension earlier I wanted to get this idea out there.

    I am putting it out to the spirit of Nathan Poole, who defeated the Vikings a few years ago to eliminate them from the playoffs on 4th and 20something...help the Cardinals take down the Bay Area Whiners and I will contribute some cash to a worthwhile cause. If Fitz grabs game winning TD...$50 to his charity. If someone else rocks the game winner, same deal. Possibly a charity of their choice.

    Same deal for Minnesota over green bay. The Niners must lose, but if Minnesota ALSO wins...$50 to game changer's charity of choice.

    This is big time....put up or shut up....

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