Season rookie QB records Russell Wilson can break

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    Here are the rookie QB records that Russell Wilson has a shot at breaking this year (including where Luck, RGIII stand)...

    Most Passing Touchdowns, Rookie, Season:
    26, Peyton Manning, 1998
    25, Russell Wilson
    21, Luck
    20, RGIII

    Best touchdown pass–interception differential, rookie, season:
    14 (20–6) Dan Marino, 1983
    15 (25-10) Russell Wilson
    15 (20-5) RGIII
    3 (21-18) Luck

    Highest passer rating, rookie, season:
    98.1, Ben Roethlisberger, 2004
    104.1, RGIII
    98.0, Russell Wilson - can break the current record, but RGIII looks like he'll get this one.
    75.6, Luck

    Most wins in a season, regular season and post-season, by a rookie starting quarterback:
    15, Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers, 2004
    10, Russell Wilson - (winning out, including the Super Bowl would tie the record)
    10, Luck - (see above)
    9, RGIII - (can't get record)

    Most wins in a post-season, by a rookie starting quarterback:
    2, Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens, 2008; Mark Sanchez, New York Jets, 2009
    0, obviously

    There might be others in that list that I didn't see. I pretty much only looked at rookie records. If anyone wants to go through and post any all-time records that aren't "rookie-only" records that our boy Russell Wilson could get, I won't hate you for it. :th2thumbs:
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  • Great list man.

    Astonishing to think those two crappy QB's went the farthest in the playoffs as rookies. Goes to show football is a team game.
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  • It's kind of amazing that RW started getting mention along with RG3 and Luck just halfway through the season. Heading into the last game of the season, he's now on a level to be compared with every rookie QB to ever play in the NFL. Wow.
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  • why took the corporate media so long?
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