Was Wilson just throwing this up for grabs? Hows he do that?

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    the essential Russell Wilson video, the one from the Big 10 Championship vs. Michigan State and Kirk Cousins. At about 8:45 into the video, the play that is absolutely, absolutely remarkable is his 4th-and-6, game on the line, Wilson throws DEEP, 40 yards downfield, cross-field, to what looks like a double-covered receiver (Duckworth), who MAKES THE CATCH!! Unbelievable!! Actually, on review Duckworth had single coverage, and the safety was just a half-step late getting over on the deep ball.

    What does Wilson see or know to make a play like this?? To choose this, out of all the options, on 4th-and-6, with the SEASON ON THE LINE, ALL ON THIS ONE PLAY, after scrambling for his life, Wilson throws 50 YARDS DOWNFIELD, to the OPPOSITE SIDE of the field, to a covered receiver, barely avoids getting the ball batted by a leaping onrushing passrusher, the ball as it arrives just barely avoids being defended by a fast-closing safety, and the receiver adjusts to the ball in flight, coming back to make the catch, as the defender stumbles at the most inopportune time, catch made, FIRST AND GOAL!! Wisconsin scores late and goes on to win the game against Kirk Cousins and the MSU Spartans.

    I am just floored at all the things that could have gone wrong on this play, season on the line, only needing 6 yards, and Wilson makes a high-risk, low-percentage throw like that, all the way across the field to a covered receiver and it WORKS??!! Is this just blind luck, or a coldly calculated risk by Wilson as his best option (his options looked to be shite overall on this play)

    QB gurus among us, what is Wilson seeing and reading, what is he thinking, to make a play like that? He has to already know where that receiver is, he has to have some idea of the coverage, and then the physical execution and strong arm to deliver a ball that spends FOREVER in the air... was this a Hail Mary, or was there a little more calculation and read to it? No question that the Green Bay play to Tate was an answered Hail Mary... so was this an answered prayer too, or a coldly calculated QB read? And if calculated, how can he possibly get anything on the throw while still keeping those 200 lb. steel balls from scraping the ground?
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  • The funniest thing is at 8:46, you'd think that at the next level that's picked off. When we played buffalo, it seem like they had never heard of or seen the zone read and had no clue how to stop it... do the other teams like Russell Wilson's abuse? :sarcasm_on:
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