Brandon Browner on Sirius NFL Radio just now

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  • SalishHawkFan wrote:Well, we've got ET - who plays out of this world. Yeah, he used to be the Deuce, but everyone calls him ET.
    Ultimus Prime - yeah, I think he's always going to be Ulitmus Prime from now on.
    Bam Bam - Chancellor was the first to establish the hard hitting nature of this secondary. Others call him The Punisher, I like that one too.
    And Browner - who really needs a good nickname. All I've heard so far is Bruising Browner. That sounds like some 30's football players name.

    For Browner, I like The Hurt. He put The Hurt on Wes "one of the toughest hits I ever took" Welker and he puts The Hurt on lots of WR's.

    I like Optimus Prime better.

    I think Ultimus Prime might have been a Gobot. Gobots suck.

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  • I will add to this that Schein officially called Browner a member of the "legion of doom", and Browner talked about all four guys. He was asked who the leader of the group is, and Browner said there isn't one, but all 4 guys are accountable to the others, and they do hold each other accountable. Also that they are always together off the field as well. He did not however, say "My Brotha".
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  • FlyingGreg wrote:Browner has been great this season. A lot of people were expecting him to "come back to earth" but he has just taken it even further.

    He and Sherman just seriously harass the crap out of WRs - it's a joy to watch after years of suffering through our midget CBs getting worked.

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  • SharkHawk wrote:Thanks for reporting in Scotte. Much appreciated. I love the quote. It reminds me of something Big Country Reeves said prior to the NBA draft something about whatever happens is supposed to happen and will happen and we'll see what happens when it does happen. I can't remember the exact quote, but it was pretty funny. He was a funny dude. I wish he'd had a better NBA career.

    Brandon Browner is an interesting guy to say the least. Every time I've seen an interview with him I've been impressed, because he is a "knock your head off" type of guy, but doesn't fit the "jock" mold at all. He's thoughtful and too the point. To me he is totally like John Stockton. A very cerebral player that did whatever it took to win and you could tell that for every one thing he said, there were 100 secrets he was keeping. But man, could Stock back it up on the court. I saw him and Gary Payton talk smack for 60 minutes from the second row one game. It was just absolutely relentless. I thought Stock played quiet, but really he was just silent to the media. He and Payton were just jawing from opening tip until the final horn. Then they gave each other five and a bro hug and left the court. It was the coolest thing I've ever seen live in all of my years. The guys just shredded each other both verbally, but physically as well. I can't even remember who won the game. It was riveting.

    Something tells me Browner is that type of player. Just goes out there and will crush the other guy's spirit and then give him five and say, "nice game" and dish out some specific compliments and then start getting ready for next week. We're real lucky to have him.

    Alright, Shark. I'm just some random guy, but you got my vote for, like, favorite sports fan. That's more than once now that a sports-memory story of yours has got me all worked up. It kinda ticks me off to be honest, but ultimately, it's quite beautiful. The combination of analysis, analogy, connection and emotion... it just embodies why we care about these silly games so much.
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