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Re: Madden 13...
Sat Sep 08, 2012 9:07 am
  • I think it's pretty good but I'm playing on 'pro' not all-pro. I started as Cleveland... signed Mike Wallace and drafted some guy called Nathan Williams who's slow but catches EVERYTHING. All you need to do is throw it in his direction and he catches it, double coverage or whatever.

    Scouting is OK. I wish you could earn more points. You're still really only scratching the surface with most of these guys - it shouldn't take that long to find out a guys speed/acceleration/arm strength/blocking etc. Usually end up focusing on the first round too much and then the later rounds become a crap shoot.
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Re: Madden 13...
Sat Sep 08, 2012 9:00 pm
  • Well because I've yet to get the itch to drop 60 dollars on Madden like I do every year, I just put in 12 again, added Braylon and Sweeeeezy and a few others that didn't make the cut in my Post draft franchise. Works fine for me. Course it helps I'm pretty much the only team with added players, though SF has a few, as does Tampa Bay.

    It works for now... Tomorrow will be much better.
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Re: Madden 13...
Tue Sep 11, 2012 8:45 pm
  • Re-doing my review after 5 online games. Since I only play online really, especially without any fantasy draft this year, I hate this game lol Gamestop is offering $30 refund this week since you can't return it fully which is better than they usually offer, so I may take them up on it. Even though my record is 4-1, I generally just don't like this game. I've been hoping for Madden changes since basically 2007 but this one isn't there yet.

    Just finished a game online and I had 15 pass deflections with only 1 int against Tom Brady. I would have taken a screenshot but I didn't think of it at the time. And they were all basically in my hands but just dropped, not 'deflections.' The other player was not very good at Madden, but like the game before, received every possible break to make it a close game: 2 onside recoveries, random fumbles not from hitsticks, miraculous catches on 4th and 18 in triple coverage, etc. As the Texans I threw 5 ints and had 3 consecutive drives that were 1 pass, 1 int all in single coverage after being up by two touchdowns. I think in my last two games I've thrown 10 ints, which was rare in previous games since my record was real good online. The icing on the cake was when he basically had given up and did punt block on defense, and Matt Schaub overthrew a wide open Andre Johnson by about 15 yards into the endzone.

    The change from pro to all-pro in running is also pretty ridiculous. Since the D is better, there aren't huge holes, therefore you just run into your linemen and fall to the ground. Or you get slowed way up, stumbling to the side, and get tackled immediately. I like the idea of the physics engine, but since you literally can't run up the middle without running into your own player and falling/slowing up, it is pretty dumb. People in real life are able to run alongside the person in front of them, not barely graze them and look like Ray Lewis just speared them. Arian Foster who is one of the best RB in the game, is unable to break any tackles and more often than not falls on his own by nudging his linemen.

    I also hate how they got rid of the ability to simulate whole seasons in 'franchise' aka connected career mode fairly quickly. Drafting a fantasy team then simulating to see how you do up until the playoffs was how I played most seasons, especially since I liked the offseason free agents/trades/draft part. I haven't even gotten to an offseason yet because I get so bored slowly simulating every single week. I feel like they made a newish Madden, but only went halfway.
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