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Possible Seahawks draft targets: 16th October

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  • For the first round... tried to fit into needs + the kind of players we've drafted so far. Hard to get an angle on PC & JS...

    LINK: ... th-october

    "Let’s consider the possibility that Seattle is picking quite late in the first. It’s not a totally ridiculous suggestion after a 4-2 start including victories over Dallas, Green Bay and New England. Most of the top positional players will be off the board and the Seahawks would be left looking for value within players that fit mentally and physically into Pete Carroll’s vision"

    All thoughts welcome.
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  • Some really interesting possibilities on that list. I like the idea of adding to the interior defense if no stud WRs are available.
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  • I think our biggest need right now is touchdown makers, so i'd prefer to see one of those WR's. However, if there's a defensive player that could bring our D from great to truly elite i'd be ok with that too.
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  • WR maybe. But with Rice and the others that are finally beginning to mature with Wilson, I'm not sure they go high pick there. I say they need to find a replacement for Hill, a replacement at nickle corner/backup corner. Also, Jason Jones is on a one year contract and Alan Branch's contract ends this year, so they need to be addressed as well.
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  • Good list, English. I think you nailed the list of positional needs and some good prospects to keep an eye on. The fun part with this draft is that we are somewhat deep at most positions. It gives the front office some leeway to draft talent over need, which may turn out to be a surprise to some of us.

    I spent some time watching Olgetree today (Tennessee and South Carolina), and I must say, I'm having trouble placing him as an early round prospect, let alone in the first. Defending the pass and rushing the QB is a good skill to have for a linebacker, but priority 1 should always be to defend the run (especially with the Hawks), and that's Olgetree's weakness, IMO (and his pass rush is nothing to get excited over, either, especially for a first round pick). I'll look for more tape, tough.

    The defensive tackle position is an interesting one right now, in college and for the Hawks. The (non)re-signing of Branch/Jones will indicate somewhat the needs they may have and what type of tackles they may be looking at. There's a lot of tape to watch, yet, but I've seen a couple of games on Sylvester Williams, lately, and I've been impressed. He's a good player with a good motor and the type that may sneak into the late first, close to where the Seahawks may be drafting.

    The receiver group will probably be the number one slotted need for the Seahawks this upcoming draft, and rightfully so. Rice and Tate as a 1-2 combo could be improved, but even if they stay in their respected spots, the bottom 3 of our receivers are in dire need of upgrading. I could see them drafting a receiver in any round which opens up the possibility of more than just your prototypical receiver-types in the first round, but a guy like West Virginia's Tavon Austin in the 2nd or 3rd, who could play slot in place of Baldwin or opposite him in the shotgun open-set we like to run. He's a big time play maker without the #1's typical size, but not the number 1 pick, either.
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  • Would like to see Brandon Coleman or Jake Matthews. Second Rnd i would like to see the Penn St. LB hodges I think.
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  • I really, really like the potential WR's in this coming draft class. Way better top end talent and depth than last years crop.

    -Coleman is a physical specimen with a very special skill set for his size. He does struggle with drops here and there though. You can't teach his size and athleticism so those attributes alone will make him a 1st rounder. He could be a complete monster at the next level, but I would hesitate to compare anyone to Megatron right now. His ceiling could be that however.

    -I LOVE Keenan Allen, he is a complete player and plays with the type of competitiveness that Pete loves. Prototypical size at 6'3 210, but has unique short area quickness for his size. Is a legitimate playmaker and very sure handed. Excellent 3rd down blanket and red zone threat, but also is very dangerous with the ball in his hands. His skill set is very unique for his size and can be a guy you line up all over the field.

    - Another guy I really like who is an absolute homerun hitting playmaker is Stedman Bailey from WV. Tavon Austin has been the guy getting all of the attention this year for them, but on tape I like Bailey a lot more than Austin. He is only 5'10 195, but his game reminds me so much of Steve Smith (CAR) it's not even funny. Crisp route runner, breakaway speed, ability to beat press, breakaway speed, reliable hands, and dynamic as heck with the ball in his hands. Does a great job reading coverages as well. He may be a riser come draft time, but right now there's not a whole lot of talk about him but I think he is an early round talent.
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  • Keenan Allen is the guy I really like right now.
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  • cesame wrote:Keenan Allen is the guy I really like right now.

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