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DoD web proxies think is a "dead-site"

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  • When I'm at work is blocked now... why? because of category "dead-sites"... I have no idea how a site gets on this type of list or why cybercom is blocking dead sites in the first place, but there you have it.

    Its something happening way upstream, because I am one of the people who control our local web proxies and theres no way in heck I'd let it be blocked :) But, therefore, I am guessing at least some of you are affected (i know we have lots of military on here).

    Just thought i'd find out if anyone was effect and let the admins know they are on this bizarre "dead-sites" list for at least one proxy vendor.
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  • I would bet it is because of discussions that have happened and linked articles within the PWR forum. It's just a guess, but it's certainly nothing we have done or have any control over. ... tive-news/
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  • Theres multiple levels of web proxies, some localized some broad sweeping. This was blocked at the highest level but I still don't understand the dead-site designation. If it was blocked locally I'd have had the access to unblock it. A lot of the blocks actually come from the vendors of the proxies, and we pay them for the subscription and they just feed in updates to the block lists. So sometimes the vendors mis-categorize things and we have to over-ride manually.

    The wikileaks thing is true though, we have been told if we look at classified material on wikileaks at work or at home, its the same as if we viewed an actual classified spillage (I.E. BAD). A little bit of an over reaction, but that's how the DoD is reacting to it.

    Yet at the same time they want us to leave facebook and youtube wide open (totally stupid move).
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  • Same for me too on the DoD network. No issues until last week. :/ "dead-site" pshhh...tho I thought maybe it was just me since I spend a lot of time on .net at work?
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