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    Drew Lock Out Thursday vs. Bears (COVID-19)

    Heard Lock on Sirius XM NFL network this afternoon before he knew he wouldn’t play and after the team had designated him as the starter for Thursday night, he was pumped up and ready to go. Suspect he’s seriously now bummed by this. Lock wants to be the starter and sounds like the guy the team...
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    2022 Seahawks Depth Chart and Roster Moves

    I agree and with Thompson now going on IR a bigger and potentially slightly versatile replacement.
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    Wyman’s Seahawks Takeaways: Lock’s mistake, Boye Mafe’s big debut

    As ever much thanks to ivotuk who is a master at providing us all with greatly appreciated information.
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    Deshawn Watsons new road game chant

    Given the broad knowledge of his miscreant behaviour I'd suspect he'd get 'Helga the tractor driving woman' as his massage therapist through the team and her 'happy ending' might be to yank off his junk if he tries anything. This is a sad situation for the Brown and this player who needs to be...
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    Seahawks trade Ugo Amadi for WR J.J. Arcega-Whiteside

    One area of the team that we are not hearing much about is the NCB play. We have a good bit of talent on the team with Blair and Coleman competing for the NCB job. There are others too so Amadi was surplus to need and likely bring up the rear in terms of competion for the job. Amadi is as well...
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    2022 Seahawks Depth Chart and Roster Moves

    Seahawks make 5 roster moves ahead of tomorrow's required cuts to 85 players they are: WR- Cody Thompson to IR and the team waived: CB- Josh Valentine-Turner DT- Antonio Valentino OG- Eric Wilson and WR- Deontez Alexander Source: Updated.
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    Seahawks trade Ugo Amadi for WR J.J. Arcega-Whiteside

    Artega-Whiteside has for sure not loved up to his draft status. However, he has been injured some and has never got in sync with the Eagles O. So perhaps his talents can be opened up here.
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    2022 Seahawks Depth Chart and Roster Moves

    Seahawks trade DB-Ugo Amadi to the Eagles for WR- JJ Artega-Whiteside. Source Updated.
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    2022 Seahawks Depth Chart and Roster Moves

    I'd noticed that myself but usually wait until it's been announced by the team. There are going to be some big changes and the team that is fielded in September will look a good bit different from the team they ended the season with last year.
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    2022 Seahawks Depth Chart and Roster Moves

    The first round of cuts to 85 players is tomorrow August 16 @ 4 p.m. EDT.
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    Boye Mafe is a freak

    That was a negative view, he just got here and you have him leaving already? C’mon man, geez Louise.. The team doesn’t have to work around Wilson’s deal any longer and the cap is expending significantly. Let’s see what things look like in 4 years before waving goodbye. He
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    Boye Mafe is a freak

    He will only get stronger and better with experience. Was certainly interesting to watch. From this quick view sure looks like the team drafted a good player.
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    Drew Lock is THE GUY

    Comparing the two QBs my belief was that Lock won the night. When he came in there was a higher energy level from the O as a first observation. He was lucky with a great play to start to Melton who’s RAC set up a big gain and the O then had confidence. To me Genoseems to be missing that ‘follow...
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    Your personal player evaluation for the Steelers game.

    For me the list is too long, individual player wise. I really would rather watch and simply form impressions generally about the O as a unit, and what the new D looks like. It’s also really early and many starters won’t play or will be quite limited, and what is played will be very limited...
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    Penny out for Saturday

    Penny sadly continues his usual unavailability, agree about Walker.
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    Penny Can Still Pan Out. Taylor too!

    Make that really difficult injuries. He has emulated Prosise in that regard. What really sucks about Penny who has never played a full season since being on the team b/c of various injuries is that in college he was an iron man and free from time loss to injury.
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    D Taylor. Monster in the Making

    My fingers are crossed that Taylor, Nwosu, Mafe, Robinson, and Tyreke Smith become a new NASCAR pass rush combo when combined collectively with a strong inside push from Harris, Jefferson, Ford, Woods, along with solid coverage from a young and aggressive DB group. With some luck we will see...
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    Before totally shit canning Carrol and Schneider let’s look around the league to assess the reality of the effectiveness of drafting from other teams with generally good records. Every team has draft misses although the Rams who have seemingly traded away most all of their early draft picks...
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    2022 Seahawks Depth Chart and Roster Moves reports that the the team has made 2 roster moves today: OG- Keenan Forbes is waived and CB- Jameson Houston is signed. Updated.