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    Anyone into Better Call Saul?

    It all came down to this in the pentulamate episode. That’s Carol Burnett btw. Epidode takes place in Nov 2010. Can confirm that late 2008 hp laptop was on sale at the time, and that the life alert, while not cellular, remained attached to a rj11 wire elsewhere.
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    NFL hall of fame game on

    Raiders 13 Jax 0. On now on nbc. Super early. Preseason. But I think mullens can carry a game if needed
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    Reuben Foster

    No. Old and behavior problems
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    Rich Eisen: Seahawks Should Get Jimmy G

    Draft kings has us at top odds to land Jimmy.
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    Animal Kingdom

    Where does it stream or air?
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    Jamal Adams hand injury

    Many good points. However, adams has been oft critiqued for not being in the vicinity to make tackles let alone interceptions. That game where he untried himself as “best in the nation” was not at all backed by stats. I’m not sure what veteran gravitas he has with bringing along the youngsters...
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    The Athletic QB Rankings

    I hope we get Jimmy g when hes cut. He will be more entertaining and stoke up rivalries. Emphasis on entertaining
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    Jamal Adams hand injury Florio is talking about him having surgery in the off-season. Next offseason, that is. Presumably theres a chance the cast stays on for this season. We would have moved on were it not...
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    Anyone into Better Call Saul?

    If they wanted to make a whole episode about Saul/Gene distracting a security guy with free Cinnabon and local football talk, they should have brought in Richie Incognito to play him. As himself.
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    Official: Kyle Shanahan says 49ers have moved on to Trey Lance

    I don’t think so with his salary. Frankly, hes not released because 9ers are afraid JG will become a Seahawk. That seems to be the only reason they are keeping him until mid august. After that I imagine 9ers think we will roll with one of our two subpar options.
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    Anyone into Better Call Saul?

    Spoilers below for Nippy, the latest episode. Gene tracks down Jeff the cabbie who recognized him as Saul, and befriends his mother, played by Carol Burnett. Gene/Saul persuade the young man to do a hidden Heist of a Macy’s like place while Gene feeds the Fat security guy free Cinnabon while...
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    Anyone into Better Call Saul?

    Top rated comment from Reddit on what happens next. For sure Emilio and Tuco return now that the year has been revealed as 2007.
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    Anyone into Better Call Saul?

    Answered in the breakup sequence. Kim tells Jimmy she knew Lalo was alive and didn’t tell Jimmy Because she Figured he would pull the plug on his scams, hide her, anything to keep her safe. And then they would break up, but she was having too much fun until Howard died.
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    Anyone into Better Call Saul?

    To Jimmy, Howard’s death was like Skyler saying “whats one more” death, whereas Kim can’t live with it.
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    Anyone into Better Call Saul?

    The hype is that this is going to be monumental, like Breaking Bad Ozymiandas, pardon the misspelling. i think it’s gonna go a slightly different way. Gus will perceive a loose end with Manuel Varga, the dad. He will threaten Mikes family, and Mike will do it. Kim goes back to Nebraska to care...
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    Anyone into Better Call Saul?

    This is the prequel to Breaking Bad With its own timeline around 2004. The stories within that timeline have mostly been wrapped up other than what happens to Sauls lawyer wife, which is widely believed to be divorce, death or disappearance given no mention of her in Bb. The BB stars are said...
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    Is everyone already giving PC a pass for next season?

    The org, fo and Pete see this year and possibly next as developmental.
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    Deshaun Watson & Baker Mayfield

    OP makes a great case for why Baker should remain with the Browns. Pft et al are reporting that an 8 game suspension for watson is looking like the best case scenario. Could be the browns get ammo to void the entire contract. And even if none of that happens, a release probably means he’s going...
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    Jimmy G? I'd be in -

    I’d be ok with having Jimmy as a bridge starter.
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    Waldron says Geno has the edge over Lock

    The two games Geno lost could have happened to any mid to lower tier starter. Lock has a rather similar performance.