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  1. had2bhawk

    Seahawks 4th cheapest in Offensive Line

    Hawks wiil need him, he's a keeper.
  2. had2bhawk

    Duane Brown Arrested at LAX

    You are correct! He got arrested and charged with a mistemeanor, put up bail and released. Court set I think middle of next month.
  3. had2bhawk

    Duane Brown Arrested at LAX

    BINGO! but only for the few
  4. had2bhawk

    Duane Brown Arrested at LAX

    Arrested doesn't mean he committed a crime only suspected and crime will be determined. Which in this case he will be fined and released. In this climate of the 2A I believe there should be a strong penalty for sloppy handling of our firearms. 1st a fine and suspension. 2nd jail time for...
  5. had2bhawk

    Duane Brown Arrested at LAX

    Didn't say there was a crime, other than being arrested. Please read and give it another try.
  6. had2bhawk

    Duane Brown Arrested at LAX

    Yeah, he was arrested. Now where it goes from here is total disaster, he gets fined and sent on his way. What should happen is jail time from here on out for having a firearm in his possesion. If not forever at least for a couple years!
  7. had2bhawk

    Could Noah Fant, Will Dissly break out in Seattle Seahawks' post-Russell Wilson offense?

    I would love to see something other than the long bomb. Drew Lock and Fant have hooked up before so I would think it will happen. If Fant can block at the LOS he will help his own game when those passes are needed.
  8. had2bhawk

    Duane Brown Arrested at LAX

    Why wouldn't you know where your firearms are? Completely irresponsible in his part!
  9. had2bhawk

    Is this really happening?

    Last time I was "GIDDY" about the mariners was 2001. Yeah, plenty of time is right! This has been a very entertaining year so far tho.
  10. had2bhawk

    REPORT: Baker Deal Nearly Done

    Why trade down just to get a guy named Mayfield? Geno is ready to go and knows the ropes.
  11. had2bhawk

    Seattle Mariners vs Oakland Athletics Jun 30 - Jul 3

    Mariners have had a tough time getting pitchers. Ray started out the season looking weak but, these last few outings he looks like a good acquisition.
  12. had2bhawk

    Seattle Mariners @ LA Angels Jun 24-26

    Lewis and Haniger will rehab with Rainiers for a couple weeks which is understandable.
  13. had2bhawk

    Seahawks Vegas 2022 NFL Win Total - 5 1/2... Over or Under folks?

    Looks like a majority think over the spread! Put something together and I wouldn,t be against a CASH APP to ya!
  14. had2bhawk

    Week #1: How Will Russ be Received?

    Wilson's cup of admiration from the 12's have been overflowing for the last 4 years. Seattle fans have cheered, praised and some worshiped the ground he walks on. I believe he actually thinks he is going to get another pass and fans will stand and cheer him again as he returns to show his...
  15. had2bhawk

    Who gets the tag?

    I'd rather pay a little attention to DK and toss him a bone.
  16. had2bhawk

    The Danger Of Overpaying Quarterbacks

    There might not be as many long bombs but I believe short and over the middle completions will make up the difference. The ability to run the ball will help all receivers find open ground. Lockett will be a big mentor this training camp. DK will be drawing coverage and the bomb will happen as...
  17. had2bhawk

    The Danger Of Overpaying Quarterbacks

    Me being the Seahawk fan want to agree with top 3 but reality tells me somewhere in the 8-10 category. He's overweight and too short. We got his best years out of him. Thanks Russ have a comfortable life. rcaido, I'm agreeing with most of your post but, I kinda like the Chargers and I think...
  18. had2bhawk

    DK…am I trippin or…

    I think DK is and has drawn alot of attention. Started off with shirtless at his signing. I get the idea of selling himself but that was Russell's downfall. He needs to be more than Gallaway was. Maybe watch and take from Lockett and refine other skills than the long bomb. There is great talent...