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    Matt Corral observations/scouting

    So, i've decided to go over this guys footage since Seattle keeps being linked to this guy. I've watched about 7 games worth of footage, i'm just a random schmuck online so take everything I say with a heaping grain of salt. The first thing that jumped out to me about Corral is the offense he...
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    Any Carroll defenders now?

    I've been beating this drum for years. We've slowly been watching the Seahawks decline, it's just that people looked away. PLAYOFFS!! Ya'll said, or "we remember the 90s" ironically, by sticking with Carroll, this team is going right back to that era. We're witnessing a 70 year old coach...
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    It's time to start talking about benching Wilson.

    Carroll really needs to make the decisions that he's paid the big bucks to make. Wilson's physical abilities are clearly hindered. We marched Wilson out after 4 weeks with an injury that normally takes much longer to recover from. I love Wilson but his ego needs to be checked, because right now...
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    Toxic positivity and lack of leadership

    Toxic positivity, I heard a poster utter this phrase and it resonated with me. If you google toxic positivity what comes up is this "dismissing negative emotions and responding to distress with false reassurances". This phrase very much describes both Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson. Toxic...
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    Chris Simms: It sucks to play in Seattle as a QB. So I suck at embedding, anyhow, at 2:10 about he starts talking about Seattle's offense and how tough it is for a QB to execute.
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    Do we bring in a new QB tomorrow?

    I'm curious if we try a new QB out. I know we brought in Blake Bortles and Cam Newton. It's obvious Carroll has zero confidence in Geno Smith, probably for good reason. Do you guys think we roll with Geno or bring in an outsider like Cam Newton or Bortles?
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    Saleh on the Seattle way of DEF and changing NFL landscape. ... 76196?s=21 Really interesting bit by Saleh on the Seahawks cover 3 system and how Kyle Shanahan found a way to crack it. He also talks about the evolving nature of the current NFL. Saleh also talking about how he had to adjust his scheme to find...
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    When does Pete's seat start getting hot?

    I'm curious. Jody Allen seems to have taken a really passive ownership role in the team. What would it take for Carroll to get fired? Pete Carroll has bought a lot of goodwill with the ownership and the city of Seattle with his early success. That being said, since those Super Bowl runs all...
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    It is time to move on from Pete.

    Pete Carroll has brought the Seahawks to new heights. He came in off of a failure of an administration and brought new life into the Seahawks. He brought us our only win in the big game ever in one of the most one sided Super Bowls ever. The Hawks absolutely stomped one of the best QBs of all...
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    The Seattle SPARQ Hawks ... 6%3Fs%3D20 Thus far the Seahawks are number one on the SPARQ scores by quite a bit. This seems to be a reoccuring theme, maybe this is what we should be looking at when trying to determine our first pick in the draft.
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    Jordyn Brooks full game tape (defensive snaps only) (sorry don't know how to embed) fixed the first video vs. Miss. Here you can see him playing against DK Metcalf. q5eM8C8s3aY wXu-gViUyIw QabOT3sQaq8
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    No more MVP for Russ.

    Russell Wilson has just as many interceptions as he does touchdowns in the last four weeks and only four touchdowns over that duration. He has not been performing well as of late. I'm seeing a lot more balls not placed well, and questionable decision making. What is up with him? Is it the...
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    Brian Schottenheimer

    Is the CO-MVP with Wilson today. Really good game called, best offensive game-plan I've seen from a Seahawks offense in awhile. The pass plays in particular had nuance that I don't think I've seen from a Seahawks offense since Holmgren. His play that he dialed up for Hollister at the goal line...
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    DK Metcalf

    Made a post about him in the gameday forum as well. DK looked like he took another step today. Made some really difficult catches, as well as ran some really nice routes, including ones we haven't seen him run before. Even when he wasn't open he was drawing a ton of pressure over to his side...
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    Russ has ascended

    After five weeks, some say Mahommes is the best QB in the NFL at the moment, others say Brady. Both answers are wrong, there is a new sheriff in town, first name Russell last name Wilson. This is not only the best football I've ever seen from Wilson, but perhaps the best QB play I've seen...
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    When are we going to start trusting our QB?

    Pete Carroll, Pete Carroll, when are you going to trust your Quarterback? This is a reoccurring theme under the Carroll regime. I don't think this is the fault of Russell Wilson, this falls on our head coach. This game was not only a monumental game planning disaster, but it also showcased the...
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    Richard Sherman AMA on Reddit. ... francisco/ Thought you guys might enjoy.
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    Russell Wilson the human pinata

    YqzeCQTCsfM Brett Kollmann breaks down Wilson's sacks, and coaching issues on the Seattle Seahawks offensive front. I apologize if this has already been posted(mods can remove if it has), but this video brings a lot of insight on some of our line woes. A lot of it on Wilson, but a ton of it is...
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    Some awesome offensive stats.

    The Seahawks are currently 27th in total offense The Seahawks are 21st in points scored, if you take out the garbage time touchdown the Hawk's numbers drop down to 28th, tied with the Oakland Raiders. Our offense predicated on the "big play" is the currently 24th in yards per play. We are...
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    Pete Carroll, your time has come

    Pete Carroll, I love you for what you have done. Immediately when you were hired you righted Jim Mora, and Tim Ruskell's wrongs. You installed the defense we had been longing and envied other teams for having. You took us to the promise land twice, and allowed us to step into championship...