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    Pete Carroll Tests Positive for COVID

    You're doing it again....
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    Metcalf and Taylor scuffle during practice

    If only a QB could call an audible.
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    For this season, what will make you happy?

    I'll be happy if our 2 rookie tackles, RB and 2nd round edge rusher look promising. If that happens the puzzle is almost complete.
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    Speed Kills

    Speaking of speed...this is insanity... "In his playing prime, Jones went 6-foot-5, 325 pounds and ran a 4.6 40."
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    A taste of what to expect this season...Lock 2021 highlights

    Is it me or is that Denver O-line collapsing over and over? Lock has people in his face all the time. I like that Fant guy.
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    Source: Russell Wilson Wanted Schottenheimer Fired

    Hey! Stop using inconvenient facts!
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    Pete Carroll the only holdout left during Super Bowl years

    Yeah, I understand. I was just adding another "legendary" coach who has done worse than Pete.:)
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    Pete Carroll the only holdout left during Super Bowl years

    He wasn't mentioned I guess, but another example is Mike Tomlin.... 3 wins in 10 years...
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    Wilson wanted to go to a city that "Wants to Win"

    Greatest QB, sure. But he has never been the best in the league at his position. Sherman, Walter Jones, Tez, Largent, Chancellor, Thomas, Lynch, Wagner, Hutchinson IMO all were better Hawks.
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    Let's get Schmitt Faced

    Ah yes, Owen Schmitt. Gave himself a bloody face by hitting himself with his helmet right?
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    Kupp signs 3 year 80 million dollar deal

    Kupp signs his deal...not sure how the Rams are doing this.
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    Does anyone else think Seattle won the trade?

    So the bar is 0 super bowls? That sounds doable:LOL:.
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    Does anyone else think Seattle won the trade?

    So what would've happened if the Hawks kept Wilson? Pete and John would be fools to force him to stay and not pick up all these draft picks. There is a way both teams win in this trade. I don't see a way you can say the hawks made a bad decision to let Wilson go unless all the draft picks they...
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    Does anyone else think Seattle won the trade?

    Diggs and Brooks ain't nothing to sneeze at.
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    What if Denver craps the bed

    I wonder how much time the lines gave the qbs. I think that’s a better indicator of how good an oline is.
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    Lindy's Draft profiles Comp to Seattle Draft

    Yeah Mafe started surging up draft boards pretty late. Lucas wasn’t that far off and around draft time was considered the best college RT in the country if I recall correctly.
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    Here we go...

    I see lots of media praising the Seahawks draft 🤷‍♂️
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    Round 5 Pick 153 Tariq Woolen CB UTSA

    Sherman was pick 154😱
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    Maelstrom Mock 2022: A Most Uncertain Year

    Love the write up! Thanks for doing it.
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    Uchenna Nwosu

    Someone posted a graph in a different thread that ranked all the pass rushers based on win percentage and double teams and he was rated pretty high. Let's hope it pans out.