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    Top Tier QBs…”Pass” on Seattle?

    The standard for RW is not fine or average. RW has to overcome a lot more hurdles playing in a brutal division and a stacked AFC while playing for a mega contract in the near future. I think he is capable of helping the Broncos win games that Teddy couldn't will his team to win. But Teddy was...
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    Top Tier QBs…”Pass” on Seattle?

    Lots of cap space and draft capital. I think it is more likely SEA drafts a rookie QB on a friendly five year deal. But the team can definitely sign any vet they want giving what they have to offer in 2023.
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    I think the Coaches are correctly managing the situation with QBs currently on the roster

    For 2023 the Seahawks have more than enough draft capital to obtain any QB they desire. Along with freed up cap space in 2023 the Seahawks have a lot of flexibility in further shaping the roster. Keep in mind that the current roster isn't lacking talent overall. How the coaches put these...
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    Mock scrimmage 2022

    For some reason a lot of CBs with impressive measurables dropped in the 2022 draft. In any case the Seahawks could make it out like bandits with the 2022 draft. Especially if the tackles, boundary CBs and edge rushers pan out. Because that would be 3/3 of premium positions from a single draft.
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    I think the Coaches are correctly managing the situation with QBs currently on the roster

    Actually I like to think that PC exhausted all avenues to try to make it work with RW. Once all roads were traveled and ended up being dead ends that is when PC decided to turn the page. Maybe PC gave RW too much leeway but then again you had to explore the Let Russ Cook approach to see if it...
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    For this season, what will make you happy?

    A dominating running game backed by a swarming defense. With the current talent on the squad that is very, very doable.
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    QBs Geno, Lock look uneven, struggling

    I have felt that the starting job will be settled during the pre season because that is when you can truly gauge how the QBs handle real pressure from opposing teams. Basically the QB that shows the most composure will win the job IMO.
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    Impressed With Our Training Camp Crowds

    I think it is because of the return of Seahawk football.
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    DK Signing 3 Year/72m extension

    Very good signing and as I suspected the team is going to be drafting a QB on a rookie contract in 2023 based on my guess. Right now there are two main schools of thoughts going on in NFL circles. Do you pay a QB or do you pay a WR1? Right now the Seahawks made the choice to pay DK which I...
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    Is Last year's record how good this team is?

    This is a 7-9 win team based on the talent level. Now, if the defense really plays well and a QB steps up maybe the ceiling is higher. But lets stick with what we know. According to Sharp Football analysis the 2022 Seahawks are ranked in the top ten for WR/TE combos and depth. If the RBs...
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    Kyle Shanahan & Trey Lance

    Shanahan has coached up QBs with lesser talent than Lance. And if Lynch is on board with it then it is a decision the entire organization feel is worth pursuing. Also makes sense from a salary cap perspective. Even if Lance has mediocre results in 2022 but makes him ready for 2023 and beyond...
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    Pete, culture, and quarterbacks

    If the offense isn't sustaining drives early and gassing the defense the HC has the right to make calls on offense to help out the defense. So PC may become conservative as a result of lack of early 1st quarter results from the offense which puts the defense in a bind early. So it is not...
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    Official: Kyle Shanahan says 49ers have moved on to Trey Lance

    Given how the 49ers offense operates Lance may end up being an upgrade long term. Short term it is hard to tell because of limited game time Lance has had. But I will say this about Lance and that is he looked a lot better than I anticipated.
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    BBK gone

    BBK was a borderline player and it didn't work out. But this opens the door for others to step up now.
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    Speed Kills

    Speed is hard to game plan against. For example if a WR with speed on the outside can beat his man it blows up a lot of coverages and looks for the defense. Just the threat of a WR hitting the seem quickly forces the safeties to play differently. Likewise, if the defense has speed than the...
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    Will Pete Carroll pull off the trade for Sam Darnold

    The talk of a game manager is interesting. Because Brady for most of his career was a game manager. But over time Brady was capable of improving enough to be able to take over a game. R. Wilson used to be able to take over a game or carry a team to a win but that time is over for him IMO. No...
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    What is this team's ceiling for 2022?

    Floor is 4 wins but the ceiling is 10. Key is defensive improvement and running game going off. Not only does this roster have more talent this year but it is better balanced.
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    Was it a mistake to not get Mayfield?

    Mayfield would have been an upgrade but not as much as people think. Mayfield played with much more talented teams and was pretty ordinary for most of his career. It is a good move for Carolina because Mayfield is a huge upgrade compared to Darnold. Darnold sunk his stock so much that I do...
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    Will Pete Carroll pull off the trade for Sam Darnold

    They are around the same level when under pressure but Darnold tanked his stock with his play last year. I definitely would give Geno or Lock the edge over Darnold when playing in a clean pocket. Darnold simply played bad even with a clean pocket and what Rhule wanted was Darnold to just be a...
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    Will Pete Carroll pull off the trade for Sam Darnold

    In fairness to Darnold that OL the Panthers had last year was bad. But with that said Darnold made a lot of bad decisions from the pocket and has bad feet. Geno and Lock are more "composed" under pressure than Darnold..... Honestly there are not many QBs that are composed under pressure that...