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  1. Hyak

    Ringer article on Seahawks Offense

    Good read
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    Seattle to work out Kaepernick?

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    Do people know the Seahawks record in their last 16 games?

    8-7-1 In those 16 games, the offense has had SIX games with 13 or less points scored and an additional game where they scored 20 (the Atlanta playoff loss). In the same span, the defense has had FOUR games giving up 33 or more points and 4 more giving up 23 or more. Bear in mind that in all...
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    Carson Palmer a HOFer?? ... ll-of-fame I get that he's played a long time but he doesn't seem like a HOFer to me. Good player albeit he was pretty damn awful when they had a legit chance in the 2015 playoffs.
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    Sorry for another Kaeperncick article MMQB nails it

    I guess he's getting killed on social media because he says Kaepernick isn't very good. ... arterbacks
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    Clayton just announced that Seahawks sign Austin Davis

    Davis in. Heaps cut. No Kaepernick. ... 96/photo/1
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    2017 Defensive Line

    I am really stoked about the potential of this DL to be the best we have seen since 2013. That in turn gets me really pumped for their chances this year. 12 guys as of now battling for 9/10 spots DE - Avril, Bass, Bennett, Clark, Jordan, Marsh DT - Jefferson, Jones, McDowell, Reed, Rubin...
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    Warren Moon: Seahawks still have a Super Bowl XLIX hangover We know it's out there. Interesting to see Warren, who is close to the team, with these comments: Obviously, it's a huge challenge. Hopefully, the circus during 2016 forces the guys...
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    ESPN article on Wilson
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    Data Diving into the Defense Carrying the Offense debate

    The whole debate about the defense carrying the offense over the years and subsequent friction big or small got me curious as to how the data shook up in whether the units did their parts in a game. The NFL average for points scored/allowed over the past 6 seasons is 22.75. I did a simple...
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    Good Field Gulls article on Pete ... were-right The premise is that this is the first time that Pete is dealing with veteran players beyond 4-5 years buying into the plan and he needs to evolve to handle it. The topic is somewhat underlying most of the discussions of late regarding...
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    Revisiting the issue that set this off - passing from the 1

    From December 2016 ... ine-121716 Excerpt "Sherman’s assertion that the Seahawks are less willing to run the football than other teams in these situations is grounded in stats. On average, NFL teams, since 2012, pass the ball 21.3 percent of the time at...
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    Seahawks sign OG Oday Aboushi

    Per Aaron Wilson Former Texans guard Oday Aboushi signed a one-year contract with the Seahawks, according to a source
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    Lang visited (UPDATE: signs with Lions)

    Per Jordan Schultz of Huffington Sports/Bleacher Report. Says he is their top FA priority. No idea if this guy is credible FWIW That said, adding Lang at RG allows for an interesting OL group pre-draft. Fant, Joeckel, and Odhiambo could compete for the LT spot Glowinski, Joeckel, and...
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    Pretty clear that the plan is to fix the running game

    OL - Joeckel on board plus they are interested in Lang. RB - Interest in Lacy, Murray, and Charles.
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    Seahawks signing Luke Joeckel to 1 year deal per NFLN
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    The OL Plan

    Schneider certainly hinted that the Seahawks would like to add a veteran OL to the mix, presumably at one of the tackle spots. At the same time, he certainly went out of his way to praise Cable as an OL coach and to point out the importance of a cohesive unit that can stay together long term...
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    Schneider Presser/Clayton interview recap

    Summary of his comments FWIW OL Cable is the best OL coach in the NFL They went too young in 2016. Regrets cutting Evans Look to add an experienced OL to the group via FA DB Shead likely out to begin 2017 CB prioritized as a draft need They love Sherman Kam in line for extension as he is...
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    DT Earl Mitchell to visit Seahawks (Niners Signed) ... 9541491712
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    ESPN 710 Sherman Smith Interview Recap by Sheil Kapadia

    Good read about rationale for his departure and more importantly the hangover from SB49 and the lack of hunger in the players. ... ain-hunger