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  1. had2bhawk

    Does RW ever use the Audible at the Line?

    I ask myself that ever since,..well you know when. Brady along with another 34 QBs would of handed off to the Beast but, that's the past. I have got to agree with the frustration on plays that are called that work, then are abandoned. RW has got to feel it Then why isn't he changing it at the...
  2. had2bhawk

    What is it that you want to see this monday night?

    I would like to see a ground game that works the Redskins defense like SD did to the Hawks I would like to see a long bomb to Percy. I'd like to see C Michael carry for a quarter. I'd like to see Luke Willson over the middle.
  3. had2bhawk

    Pre-season for the 12's tonite!

    Will they be in season shape vocally? I'm anxious to see the reaction on the rookies faces when they enter the CLINK. They'll never wanna leave. This is when they will realize they have to step it up a notch, or go home!
  4. had2bhawk

    Well, so much for the 16-0! ... action.gif Well, so much for the 16-0! I really couldn't imagine the Hawks going undefeated. It would seem too drastic a change from one year to the next. It's too early in the year and the NFL is too competitive to realistically think this young team...