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  1. onanygivensunday

    Tim Patrick carted off the field

    Looks like Russ may have lost one of his team's weapons for the year. I'm neither celebrating it nor do I feel bad for the Donkeys... but I do feel sorry for Tim. He's definitely an up-and-comer in the league. Link to ESPN article
  2. onanygivensunday

    Fully Guaranteed QB Contracts

    There's been a leak in the dam (Dashaun Watson's trade to CLE) and fully guaranteed QB contracts will become the norm VERY soon... and we can blame the Browns. That's exactly what Wilson's agent, Mark Rodgers, wanted in their last negotiation with Seattle. I'd be willing to bet that...
  3. onanygivensunday

    Hold Out vs Hold In

    With Duane Brown holding "in", that is, he reported to TC but he's not practicing, is he subject to the fines associated with being a hold out? Has the club lost its leverage when a players is holding "in"? It doesn't seem right if that's the case. Might Duane Brown be a trial case? Has...
  4. onanygivensunday

    SB 48 Replay

    The replay was supposed to start at 7:00 Pm on Channel 13 KCPQ but right now it's boxing. Anybody know what's going on?
  5. onanygivensunday

    Trading Down and Missing Out on Pro Bowl Players

    So I've been giving this subject some thought and came to the conclusion that I should look at the last five years of Seahawk's drafts to understand which 1st or 2nd round Pro Bowl players we may have missed out on by trading down, and calculating the likelihood of missing out on a Pro...
  6. onanygivensunday

    RIP Jim Taylor, HoF RB Green Bay Packers

    Jim Taylor passed away this morning. He was 83 years old. He was one tough SOB on a football field. I grew up a Bears fan and cringed every time we played the Packers. They were the cream of the crop during the 60s... almost unbeatable. I was born in '49 so I remember him well. RIP Jim. You...
  7. onanygivensunday

    Fluker's Knee

    Softy tweeted this during yesterday's mock game... Man. It’s painful watching Fluker. Even standing up he’s favoring his leg Yet I haven't read anything from Pete regarding the injury... that is, if it IS injured. Anybody find anything more on Fluker's knee that I may have missed?
  8. onanygivensunday

    Where is today's pre-game gathering near the stadium?

    My wife and I are currently holed up in Flagstaff but will be driving down this morning to the Phoenix area for tonite's game and our return flight to SeaTac on Monday. For those attending today's game, where are you going to be? We'd love to join you. TIA
  9. onanygivensunday

    The Sketch

    For those who have been following the Shady Brady and cheating RATS debacle, here's something you may enjoy. I posted the following in the main forum: Get ready for some good laffs... check this out. Start with post #3545, the artist's sketch... and then the fun begins. Enjoy The Sketch of...
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    Tom (the Cheater) Brady on the stand being interrogated by Tom Cruise... from A Few Good Men. Scroll ahead to the 19:45 mark. Enjoy. ... nd%20Moore
  11. onanygivensunday

    Today's NFL News - my 1st smile of the day

    1) Johnny Football enters rehab. 2) Warren Sapp was arrested for soliciting a prostitute in the early this morning in Phoenix after the Super Bowl. 3) Pete Carroll was approached by a prostitute after the Super Bowl but he decided to pass.
  12. onanygivensunday

    Help needed to resolve team scoring in 2013

    Something is not adding up... literally. if you add up the team's scores of all regular season games you get 417 points... and that's consistent with all the final standings data that I have seen... yet the team's scoring summary table at accounts for only 415 points. link...
  13. onanygivensunday

    Lombardi to be on display in Everett tonight

    Just got an email update from the Future of Flight Foundation, which is hosting a "Wine, Wings and More" event tonight (which I bought tickets to last week) and the update is the "More" includes the Lombardi Trophy will be in the house with an opportunity to have a professional photographer take...
  14. onanygivensunday

    Pete and Bevell need to open up the passing game more

    Well, I've been over at the Donkey's chat forums jousting with their fanbase about where Russell should be ranked on the Top Ten current QB list... and in particular, one poster alleges that Russell's passing stats benefit from being on a run-first team because if he weren't and had to throw the...
  15. onanygivensunday

    Who does Kiper have us drafting in his 4.0 Mock?

    For those of you with ESPN Insider, what is Mel's prognostication? TIA
  16. onanygivensunday

    Hawks 2013 D better than Ravens 2000 D

    There's been a fair amount of discussion about where the Hawks D stands all time... and the Ravens D in 2000 seems to always be in the discussion so I did some analysis to share with you. First off, in 2000 the Ravens allowed only 165 points to be scored against them during the regular season...
  17. onanygivensunday

    12:12 right around the corner

    Cheer loudly. :th2thumbs:
  18. onanygivensunday

    In Peyton's last SB appearance, he...

    He (or his team)... 1. had more 1st downs 2. was much more proficient in 3rd down situations (6/13 vs 3/9) 3. had 100 more yards of total offense 4. had more passing yards 5. had more rushing yards and LOST!! So don't despair if Sundays stats are going the Donkey's way. The game is not won...
  19. onanygivensunday

    Alvin Bailey (corrected) and the Overloaded 2-TE sets

    Hope to see more of these come Sunday. The Hawks ran the ball VERY well in the NFCCG with Bailey and Zach Miller flanking Okung on the LH side of the line. If you weren't aware, Marshawn's 40-yard TD run came off this formation. And Russell also threw the ball out of that formation... at...
  20. onanygivensunday

    Comparing SEA & DEN Offenses and Defenses to Opponents

    We all know how good Seattle's D is after watching them play every game this year... but I just completed an analysis that will quantitatively prove how dominant it is... and by comparison, how mediocre Denver's defense is. For both the regular season and the playoffs combined (18 games), I...