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  1. SonicHawk

    Tevin Coleman is the answer

    Would love to see a speedy hands RB who could really give our offense a more dynamic approach. I know TC is older now, and I'm sure we could grab a TC-like runner in the draft, but this seems like a glaring hole in our offense. Plus, you can't really run him up the middle so Pete is forced to...
  2. SonicHawk

    2 wins against teams with a winning record.

    As I was diving into some data to support RW as the MVP QB he is, I found this stat very interesting. Teams that ended with a winning record: MIA (W) -- Miami only had 1 win against a team with a winning record BUF (L) LAR (L, W, L) -- Also only had 2 vs wr. (AZ was 8-8) Buffalo & KC had 5.
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    Becky Hammon becomes first female nba head coach...

    Pop got ejected and Becky took over. Pretty cool day. It’s starting to feel a bit normal with female coaching staff but if you haven’t watched women’s basketball a lot you’re definitely not used to a woman as head coach. I think there’s a couple future hc in the WNBA ranks now. Spurs still...
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    Do you guys still think it's possible?
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    Defense Showed Up

    What a unique feeling! Don't get me wrong, the Eggles have a terrible offense, but the things I saw -- from good decisions on coverage, knowing your help, and tackling in space were definitely positives. Now if the offense could learn how to throw to both DK and Lockett at the same time, we'd...
  6. SonicHawk

    There Are No Great Teams In Our Way

    The NFC east is a joke, Green Bay is beatable, flawed, and too reliant on Davante. The Saints have a TE at QB and a broken old man returning in a few weeks, the Bucs show up to half of their games, and in late December the Hawks will show they can beat anybody in the NFC west. I don't think the...
  7. SonicHawk

    The Defense Was Finally Clutch

    What a relief to watch a defense finish the game (and not because Belichick makes a dumb play call). Game Balls: Dunlap. I mean, wow. Win a game bud. Lockett. I hate when he disappears in our game plan, he's such a tool, especially on those quick routes to the sideline. Offensive Line. This is...
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    Oh well.

    Regardless of how this game finishes -- greatest comeback of all time or blowout loss. I'm happy that for the past 4 years we've got to watch at least one playoff win and have finally watched this team win a SB. We have a lot to work on and must improve our consistency. But this team is still...
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    1090 The Fan Fires Steve Sandmeyer & Goes Fully Syndicated

    Just crap. ... 0789685248
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    "Why didn't you run the ball?"

    Will be a question we will have until the day we die. I'm sorry 12s, you deserved better.
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    Rob Gronkowski vs Kam Chancellor

    This is the only matchup that matters to me. The best TE in the league vs the best SS in the league.
  12. SonicHawk

    Fly Cheap[er]

    This is a public service for all 12s. Flights Leave Friday, Return Monday. From Seattle $883, Bellingham $849, Spokane, $790, Portland $693 -- All can be found on Google Fligths. Roundabout booking One Way (FRI) Seattle -> SFO - PHX - ABQ (obviously don't get on the ABQ plane) | $320 One...
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    Seahawks had 1% chance at 3:18. ... nfographic
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    Extra special for Pete...

  15. SonicHawk

    Bad WRs, bad O-line, bad OC, RW can't throw, Lynch is upset-

    8-4. Healthier, fluid, confident. Watch out Eggles, we love playing in Philadelphia. Last 3 games in Philly: Two blowout, shutouts and a 4 point win.
  16. SonicHawk

    The Crowd and Motivation were on our side against AZ...

    Can we win a game where the opposite is true? Santa Clara is going to be rockin' with the homeless and future inmates drunk on a Thursday afternoon. SC has come off an UGLY win against a god-awful Washington team. How do the Seahawks respond to being the bullies again?
  17. SonicHawk

    It's nice when 'Next Man Up'... Bobby Wagner returning from injury. This defense is DIFFERENT with him on the field.
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    It should have been PI... says the Nfl ... /70035048/
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    It's ok to admit Lynch isn't happy.

    Can we just agree it's ok that he can or could be unhappy? When Lynch gets onto the field, between the lines, he has never shown a SECOND where he isn't giving absolutely everything. This team has under-achieved significantly this year. Whether it was due to injuries, lack of depth, lack and...