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  1. olyfan63

    Russell Wilson in a Nutshell Individual Plays, Video Breakdowns, "That's SO RUSSELL"

    I thought it would be fun to have people post video links to individual Russell Wilson plays that show his strengths, weaknesses, and some measure of objective truth about the QB Russell was as a Seahawk, and then provide commentary/breakdown/analysis of why that play is "So Russell", good or...
  2. olyfan63

    Waldron and Run Game Protecting Russell from 2-High looks

    Some great recent breakdowns by Matty Brown, discussing the emergence of Seattle's running game. The one at the link below had a little gem that could easily be overlooked: ... r-vs-bears "It was the GU-counter change-up which resulted in Penny’s pair of...
  3. olyfan63

    Coaching Carousel: Who lands where? Predictions... Tracker?

    Who winds up as HC where? NFL.Com candidates and interviews tracker: ... ring-cycle Below are my throwing-a-blindfolded dart starter predictions; what are yours? ====================================== 1. Jacksonville Jaguars - Dan Quinn (Why: Jax was...
  4. olyfan63

    Congrats Niners! What do the playoff prospects look like?

    Congratulations to the Niners on making the Rams your bi... er, beating the Rams once again. Terrific comeback! I had stale information and was thinking it would be Trey Lance instead of Jimmy G vs the Rams. That pass rush the Niners have... saves the day once again, and will be a force to be...
  5. olyfan63

    Eskridge, maybe a decent draft pick after all?

    Eskridge, 3 catches for 35 yards and a TD today, what are the odds he will pan out as a decent draft pick? What's his potential upside, player comparison? I was impressed by his elusiveness and situational awareness, to know to get out of bounds on that play on the sideline after eluding a...
  6. olyfan63

    Can Russell rewire his head to "take the layups"?

    Kurt Warner lays it out here. Short version: Russell, take the open layups and move the chains. Stop trying to be "special" every play. Using the Rams playoff game as an example, Warner shows exactly where Russell has difficulty making reads and knowing where to go with the ball quickly. I...
  7. olyfan63

    Cougar fans, gloat here over Apple Cup beat-down of Dawgs

    That was rare and unprecedented to see the Cougs come into Seattle and destroy the Huskies. Usually the Dawgs have superior athletes and bigger, stronger lines, and out-physical the Cougs. That Cougar defense was very impressive, didn't get manhandled like usual by the Husky O-line and run...
  8. olyfan63

    Kirk Cousins finally wins a "Big Game", outduels Rodgers

    Kirk Cousins finally wins a big game, with a series of TD drives and a 2 minute drive that beats Aaron Rodgers and the Packers in a game that the Vikings HAD to have. In fairness to (the many) Cousins doubters, the only reason Cousins succeeded on the final drive was that a Packers DB dropped...
  9. olyfan63

    PJ Walker, underdog QB of the week, Panthers devour Cards

    PJ Walker and the Carolina Panthers knocked down the Cards for us, on the road, meanwhile the Hawks took no advantage of the situation. It did help of course that Kyler Murray was out injured for the Cardinals. Yes, it helps having CMC back there at RB, and it helped that the Carolina D played...
  10. olyfan63

    Mike White, new HOF QB for the JETS??!!???

    Who is this guy??!! How did the Hawks miss out on him, overlooking a player from a traditional QB-producing factory like Western Kentucky? They are approaching the status of ND State (Wentz and Lance) as an NFL QB factory. ... night.html So it only...
  11. olyfan63

    2020 Draft Picks 1-7 all stick,all will play! Unprecedented?

    All Seahawks draft picks, 1 thru 7, are still with the team, and it looks like within the next couple weeks, ALL will have played meaningful snaps and contributed in 2020. Has this EVER happened before for the Hawks, a 100% "hit rate" on draft picks 1-7? And has your personal "grade" for the...
  12. olyfan63

    2020 Overpaid JAG millstones & what we coulda got instead?

    2020 overpaid JAG millstones around our neck--and what we could have gotten instead? PART 1: Who are our top 5 *overpaid* Just-A-Guy players and their cap hit, *overpaid* for what we are getting? PART 2: (Optional) With the cap money allocated to your top 5, we "coulda had" what combo of players...
  13. olyfan63

    How NE intended final play to look A/B comparison

    This is how New England was expecting that last play to look. Notice the formation, notice Bobby Wagner, notice the blocks that went according to script, and notice the hole that Cam Newton had to run through. Would enjoy any other A/B comparison breakdowns between the two plays, which look...
  14. olyfan63

    Seahawks Rivals Grades on Jamal Adams trade? A from Big D

    Anybody got other good stuff on "NFC rival media" opinions on the trade? NOT the industry blowards, but actual rival-team-aligned media, Niners, Rams, Vikings etc. Here's what some of the Dallas-Cowboys-fan-oriented media thinks. Grade A for the Seahawks on this trade from Cowboys-aligned...
  15. olyfan63

    Redshirt Revelation Predictions? 2nd/3rd Yr Players emerge?

    Who will be this year's Redshirt Revelation for the Seahawks? Redshirt Revelation: A player who, as a rookie, or even 2nd year, barely saw the field, aside from perhaps special teams, but in his 2nd or 3rd season "lit it up", the light bulb went on, and they became a consistent force on the...
  16. olyfan63

    PC/JS Draft Day Calls to Rookies - Incl 1 Instant Classic

    Last couple seasons we've had a thread of Draft Day calls. Loved listening to them. DK Metcalf's call was a *CLASSIC* "Why Y'All wait so long?" But WOW, did that emotion show in DK's PLAY as a rookie! This year, John Schneider's call to TE/WR Steven Sullivan of LSU is the early leader for...
  17. olyfan63

    Taking the Dragons flyer, with daughter Saturday vs. Dal

    So I took the Dragons flyer, for 4 season tickets, starting with tomorrow's game vs. Dallas. I couldn't resist, given that season tix were $20/game/seat, which, at last check, *might* buy me 1 nosebleed Seahawks ticket for the price of these 4 season tix. Me and my GF will be going, but I...
  18. olyfan63

    SB54 Officiating, Game-Steering Calls Favoring KC?

    OK, so the thread title was cherry-picking. Against SF. Let's be fair and discuss... SB54 Officiating, Game-Steering Calls Favoring KC or SF A Niner fan alleged there was an uncalled hold on Nick Bosa on the big KC 48-yard completion on 3rd and 15. I suggested, "to receive full and proper...
  19. olyfan63

    Frank Clark trade pays off for Chiefs?

    Frank Clark gets the 4th down sack that seals the SB win for the Chiefs! And Clark had some other key sacks and pressures in the playoffs too. I think Clark had some 4th quarter sacks vs. Tennessee. Any KC fans on here, who can weigh in on whether your team would make that trade again?
  20. olyfan63

    G Phil Haynes - How did he do vs. Eagles?

    I did hear that rookie G Phil Haynes was in the game, but since he didn't get called for penalties that I saw, I didn't really notice him. How did Haynes hold up against the Eagles D-Line? Did he play like an overwhelmed rookie, or somewhat better than that?