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    Quandre Diggs

    You know something the rest of us don't? Why would he be out potential money? He played lights out for 17 games. Lockett and Thomas came back from bad breaks....the next year. Bit early to be drawing these conclusions?
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    Poll. Will Pete be fired?

    Nope, but one can still hold on to a glimmer of hope...
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    Top 5 WRs in TDs

    How have they been doing in bringing in lineman, draft or free agency? Doesn't matter how many shiny toys they have, if Wilson never has time to find them...
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    Which 3 free agents top your wish list?

    Two solid offensive lineman and a top tier pass rusher. Whoever is available that fits that bill.. wouldn't mind getting some more pressure up the middle either... opposing teams pockets were way too clean most of the seaon.
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    Teddy can be that Bridge "over troubled" Waters

    Wilson came in fat and out of shape? How much does someone have to hate Wilson to just blatantly make stuff up? We get it, you hate Wilson. :roll: As far as Bridgewater, I wouldn't have a problem with him coming in and taking the backup roll. Didn't he beat us with NO when Breese was...
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    I Refuse To Believe This Is Russell's Last Dance in SEA

    Agree 100%. Wanting this man gone is insanity... period. You don't trade away a qb who is listed top 3 in history for td passes in his first 10 years. And how many other records did he break or is in the top 5 historically? We better pray the powers that be make that man happy here in seattle.
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    Wilson is tanking on purpose!!!

    Laughing my ass off at clowns on this site who think Wilson has lost it. As far as the OP, put the pipe down...
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    You guys crack me up

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    You guys crack me up

    Lol, Jesus that's not what i said about the hasselback teams at all. I was simply showing he had plenty of talent around him. Read into my take what you want to, after reading the first few paragraphs you wrote I didn't even bother finishing that drivel.. so my response to the part I did read...
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    Penny and Dallas as our one-two punch for 2022?

    He stands corrected. The O line was upgraded from pathetic to pure shit.... Duane Brown? Really? I see that dude getting blown by or blown backwards multiple times a game... every game...
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    Penny and Dallas as our one-two punch for 2022?

    Sounds super legit when you say it out loud. Can somebody please sneak into the practice facility and yell this up and down the halls...
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    Screen Pass

    You do realize at Wisconsin he had the tallest O lines in college, they averaged 6'5" I believe. That's as tall as any line in the pros and he threw screen passes just fine. All QB's need passing lanes regardless if they're 5'11" or 6'5". This was discussed at length when he was drafted...
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    You might be right

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    Eat crow I predicted a 7-10 season and Jamal Adams injury!!!

    Not sure how predicting something is the same as wishing for something? But I get what he's saying in a very look at me way I'll admit. I've predicted the same minus the injury part and I've said for the last 2 seasons, if we want to keep winning, Seattle better score a shit ton of points...
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    Remove all doubt

    Agree with your take, and your quote is spot on...
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    Prepare for a Long draught ( 5 years or more)

    Until we have a coaching staff that understands it all starts and stops in the trenches, you're absolutely right. Our current staff likes to waste draft picks and trades on shiny new toys, because obviously, you can just convert D lineman into viable Guards and Tackles or bring in aging old...
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    Has Russ become untradeable?

    You'll see how untradeable he is this off season when the wilson trade rumors and mad dash to sign him dominates the sporting news...
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    You guys crack me up

    Spinning our wheels in mud. I've stated my claim, and made my case.. agree or disagree I couldn't care less.. fact is nobodys convincing the other side of a anything. So let the Chips fall where they may. I say it again, put Wilson in a good scheme behind a real line and all you folks...