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  1. Palmegranite

    Guy Lafleur dies, age 70

    Growing up a Maple Leafs fan, it sucked watching Lafleur fly from one end of Maple Leaf Gardens to the other, to pot another beauty. But we all knew he was the greatest of his generation. Prolific goal-score and 5 time Stanley Cup winner. He was being treated for lung cancer. I wouldn't be...
  2. Palmegranite

    Bobby Wagner a Ram?

    Wagner, who played the last 10 seasons with the rival Seattle Seahawks, is visiting the Rams on Wednesday and there is mutual interest in working out a deal, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported... Ouch....
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    Philadelphia is a below average football team that has no business being in the playoffs. It lowers the quality of what is now post-season cream of the crop. Oh, and Jalen Hurts is just lacking the skills....a pretender...not good. Well, that is all. Please discuss in the context of Russell...
  4. Palmegranite

    Go Lions vs Arizona!

    Currently up 17-0 over the Cardinals at half time! Maybe Goff was the key to Ram's past success after all :shock:
  5. Palmegranite

    Tennessee Titans at LA Rams

    Surprising score in the fourth quarter, to say the least. Titans leading 21-9, without Derrick Henry.
  6. Palmegranite

    Von Miller to the Rams

    Heard that Von Miller is now a Ram. Well that makes the next Seahawks - Rams match all that much more difficult...
  7. Palmegranite

    Are Cardinals Headed for slide?

    The good ship Cardinals this week is looking more like the steerage section of a plague-ridden Irish famine boat. On the Covid list are: Head coach Kingbury, the QB coach, tackle Zach Allen, rusher Chandler Jones. Oh yeah, the GM also tested positive. And knowing what the word contagious means...
  8. Palmegranite

    NFL Coronavirus: 700, Seahawks: 0

    Here's a good read from NYTimes on the Seahawks exemplary handling of the 2020 NFL season with respect to Covid-19. If only everyone's work place put in the...
  9. Palmegranite

    Bills @ Patriots, long time coming beat down

    With 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter, Bills are resting their starting QB up 38-9. Cam Newton was benched , due to playing horribly. This must be such sweet revenge for Buffalo fans, first time sweeping the Pats in forever. ....oh yeah, Bill Belichick can add a destroyed land line phone to...
  10. Palmegranite

    Russell Wilson Killing It at ProBowl Skills Showdown

    Man, Russell Wilson is dominating the 2020 Skills Showdown at the Probowl. Kirk Cousins is also performing well, a step down from RW. Lamar Jackson though....ouch.
  11. Palmegranite

    Bills, Texans Wildcard weekend game

    Nice opening drive by Josh Allen and the Bills with a Seahawks-like trick play for the first score.
  12. Palmegranite

    New Weekly Seahawks Fumble Recovery Tradition

    I for one, welcome the new tradition, started a few weeks back in the 49ers game. A lumbering journeyman takes things into their own hands, and picks up a fumbled ball and attempts to run it into the house. In the inaugural instance, Ifedi was not successful in picking up the glory of an...
  13. Palmegranite

    Steelers-Browns TNF Lunchbag Letdown

    After that insane Seahawks win over the 49ers on MNF, this game is a showcase of mediocre vs mediocrest. What a snoozer. We are so spoiled.
  14. Palmegranite

    In The Heads of NFC West kickers

    Rams and 49ers kickers now have both choked in dying minutes, critical situations. We're in their heads for sure. Cant wait for the next Cardinals game for the trifecta!
  15. Palmegranite

    Gronk Retires

    Rob Gronkowski has retired. Announced it on Instagram. Leaves the sport on a high note. A wise decision, as another year might have caused him irreparable harm.
  16. Palmegranite

    If I'm a Scout, I'm Going to Australia....

    Says the NBC announcer as Michael Dickson drop-kicks the kickoff stepping in for a roughed up Sea-Bass being attended to on the sidelines. And it was a very good kickoff indeed! ...only with the Seahawks...what a blast that game was.
  17. Palmegranite

    The Sackmaster!

    Love seeing Rodgers getting repeatedly sacked. No pocket awareness this game.
  18. Palmegranite

    Russell Wilson in Good Company

    Dan Maino, RW and 1 other, 20+ TDs in each and every of the first 7 seasons.
  19. Palmegranite

    Seahawk's Griffin Bros on CBS 60 Minutes tonight

    The childhood pact that kept the Seahawks' Shaquill and Shaquem Griffin together
  20. Palmegranite

    "Dad, What's a Seahawk?

     Amusing editorial here: And we can blame Roger Goodell, Ha Ha!