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    Kupp signs 3 year 80 million dollar deal

    Kupp signs his deal...not sure how the Rams are doing this.
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    Apparently Jets wanted DK

    Jets offered 10th overall pick for DK.
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    RBs exceeding expectations.

    Article on about runningbacks exceeding expectations. Penny at nr 4, which obviously expectations weren't high, however looking at the numbers it is pretty impressive. Link: ... -49ers-dee
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    AB and two others suspended for Covid violations.

    Link : ... violations So let me get this straight. Aaron Rodgers does this and gets a baby fine. These guys do it and get suspended for 3 games?! Um… what??
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    Run run pass… even Peyton Manning losing his mind? Lol

    From quarterback ranking. Rank 28 Geno Smith Geno Smith Seattle Seahawks · Year 9 2021 stats: 3 games | 63.4 pct | 507 pass yds | 7.1 ypa | 3 pass TD | 1 INT | 34 rush yds | 0 rush TD | 1 fumble Even Peyton Manning was losing his mind at Pete Carroll's insistence on going...
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    The refs in this game...they might as well be wearing packer uniforms.
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    Wagner was playing injured?

    This might explain why he didn’t look like his dominant self this Season. ... n-injuries
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    Bill cowher I’m the hall of fame?!?

    What A joke. ... 44584.html
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    Well looks like some attention is being paid to the non call ... end-primer Talks about the failing of the nfl and the new PI review rule pertaining to last night.
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    Walter Jones makes all time tackle list. ... n-revealed Not a surprise I’d say
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    Article on Clowney and the trade.

    I’m glad We have this guy. ... resurgence
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    Good Peter King clip about the game

    Enjoyed this video and really liked the call by Peter King for John Schneider executive manager of the year. W1-NmEoKcAY
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    Little fieldgulls Russell Wilson article I actually enjoyed

    I know fieldgulls tends to get hammered on a bit, but I enjoyed this article. :) ... rams-grade
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    Looks like we are the lock of the week!

    To lose that is. ... eat-saints
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    Here is a link with some disrespect :D

    Just a little surprised how little votes Bobby Wagner got and Russell Wilson isn’t even mentioned. ... z-mvp-race
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    Teams of the decade (seahawks related)

    NFL article listing teams of the decade. ... hawks-no-1 Nice to see the hawks be recognized. That team was incredible.
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    Cowherd on Mahomes and Wilson

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    Article about Matt Hasselbeck raising the 12th man flag. ... hasselbeck What really took me back is when Matt mentions that you'd turn on ESPN and there wouldn't even be a Seahawks highlight, I remember those days. It's crazy to think that up until the Holmgren/Hasselbeck success days national media coverage...
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    DJ Fluker’s love for football has returned (article)

    Looks like we have a very motivated man at right guard who is loving the game. ... r/%3famp=1
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    Duane Brown on Germain Ifedi

    Didn't see this posted yet, although it's four days old. If Duane Brown is serious about this the best is yet to come with Ifedi. ... -once-did/