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    Does anyone else think Seattle won the trade?

    I voted yes. I loved the carefully curated "Russ" persona, I loved the weekly visits to the Children's hospital, I loved the play on the field (mostly). I will always have a special place in my heart for Wilson, however, it became apparent a year ago that there was a divorce brewing because...
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    .Net temperature on Jamal Adams?

    Jamal will have 12 sacks this year. That's my most optimistic, pie-in-the-sky, prognostication.
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    Adopt a rookie 2022 Shamarious

    I always tend to choose longshots for AAR. I had George Fant when he was signed as an UDFA. I had Chris Carson as a 7th round pick. Sham-Wow is going to be it for me this year. A longshot to make the roster as an UDFA, but the kid is smart, powerful, moves pretty well for his size (a plus in...
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    The Seahawks are signing Georgia State OG Shamarious Gilmore, per source.

    This kid will be my Adopt-A-Rookie for this year. He's got a future.
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    Day 3 NFL Draft Discussion. Let's get it started!

    I'm hopeful that Lock can reach his potential in a fast, up-tempo offense with short throws, fewer decisions, and less "hero ball' in general. He has two new solid bookend tackles, and a lot of weapons at his disposal. There is no reason why this can't be a mid-tier offense (# 15-20) by year's...
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    Remaining Veteran Free Agents post-draft

    I'd really like to see Rasheem Green brought back on a 1-year "prove it" deal, assuming he still fits in the new 3-4/4-3 scheme somehow. The guy just always hustles and finds a way to be around the ball. Maybe he'll never be more than a solid rotational/situational player, and the lack of...
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    Seahawks Draft Day Rd2 and Rd3 Thread

    My vague recollection of the last few years of drafts was that we were constantly picking at the rear of Round 1, where the Tackle talent becomes a lot less of a sure thing. Add in the input of guys like Tom Cable, and you end up drafting guys like Pocic and Ifedi. Go farther back, and you...
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    Seahawks Draft Day Rd2 and Rd3 Thread

    No sir, not me. They finally address the two of the most vital positions on the O-Line with real prospects that have a great shot to start from Day 1, and not with overpriced veterans on their final legs or late round draft prospects that will likely never pan out. You also get the feeling it...
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    Great interview with new DL Shelby Harris

    These are highlights of the game vs. the Texans Shelby Harris referenced. Saw some good things from Lock, though he throws off his back foot WAY too much. Noah Fant looks like a beast on the first play.
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    Bobby Wagner is a Ram

    I hope we look back at this thread, where two Ram fans go at each other in a thread about one of the greatest Hawks ever leaving to don the uniform of a mortal enemy, as the low point of this offseason for Hawks fans. Somehow, I get the feeling it can actually get worse.
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    Wow, the press conference proves Pete is bat**** crazy

    I'm about five minutes into the Press Conference, and geez, it's clear Pete hasn't taken his ADHD meds today. Lord O Mighty he is scattered and all over the place. It's difficult to listen too, without taking into consideration all the nonsense coming out of his mouth.
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    Seahawks: REJECTED!

    Amen! Let's bury that rumor ASAP. I watched Drew Lock's 2020/2021 highlights...kid has an arm, saw more than one really nice throw, even when it was off his backfoot. He'll never be Russell Wilson, but I'm okay with giving him the reins for a year, worse that can happen is he takes the team...
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    Seahawks re-signing TE Will Dissly --3 year $24 million

    I'm not against retaining Dissly, but this does seem steep. I mean, who else was going to offer the guy $16 million in guaranteed money? Was there really a line of other potential suitors in FA, or is this a case of Pete and John outbidding themselves to retain the services of a mid-tier TE...
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    It's Happened - Wilson Traded

    This is a sad day for many of us, as Russell Wilson will always be tied to this amazing stretch of Winning for this franchise. After all the Rick Mirers and Dan McGwires and John Friesz and Jon Kitnas and <insert irrelevant Seahawk QB of the last 40 years> we finally had a legitimate HOF player...
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    Big Al wants to return for 2022 season.

    Al Woods was one of my favorite players to watch this year. Good attitude, solid performer, and you can tell his teammates feed off of his energy every time he made a big play. I think Al is at the point in his career where he knows he has 1-2 good years left and he's been around enough to...
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    The end of an Era, and that's okay.

    I've been a fan since 1983, when the Seahawks played the Raiders in the AFC Championship. I've followed this team religiously, including in the pre-internet days when you got boxscores on Monday morning. I remember a lot of drafts, and draftees. Brian Bosworth, Lamar King, Dan Macguire, Rick...
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    2021 Draft RD 2 PK 56 WR D'wayne Eskridge, W Michigan

    I believe his score landed him as the # 20th prospect in the draft. The whole draft. Zach Wilson, the 2nd pick in the draft, scored an 87, by way of comparison. So, let's give the kid a chance.
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    2021 Draft RD 2 PK 56 WR D'wayne Eskridge, W Michigan

    Watched his highlights, don't question the player, just where he was picked. Since the clock basically wound down to the very last second, my guess is they were trying to trade down but just couldn't get a deal done and had to take the best player on their board. Meh, don't hate it, don't love...
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    DE Kerry Hyder signs with Seattle

    Not sure why everyone is sleeping on Alton Robinson. He was very impressive last year, when they finally let him play in the rotation. Good Motor, and provided 4 sacks for a 5th round player. I expect him to make the jump and contribute 8-10 this year.