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    Could Drew Lock be the next Drew Brees?

    (Definitions are funny things, but...) ...this seems like a contradiction to me. If you're not writing him off, then you're holding your breath hoping he could work out. Or you're just trying to cover your own backside by not taking a firm position. Understandable in a world where having...
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    3-14, predicted by CBS sports.

    This team could win anywhere between 3 and 8-9 games, and I won't be surprised. Two wins of less would be a bit of a shock; more wins than 9, and I'll be dancing. That's a lot of week-to-week success, and likely guarantees a post-season berth.
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    Does 'Bittersweet' die with Mr. Allen?

    But wasn't your sig a bit different not too long ago, too? I mean, just for a bit, to see how it feels? Contributes to the euphemism.
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    Does 'Bittersweet' die with Mr. Allen?

    User name though... right?
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    New Forum Software

    A face-palm emoji seems an obvious need. Expecting someone to reply to this with one!
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    Do we have a better team Today than the day Pete was hired?

    Where is the OP? Why has the OP not chimed back in here to defend the point?
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    Do we have a better team Today than the day Pete was hired?

    This thread is just another lame attempt to throw mud on the FO. Not even veiled well... We already know how you feel, OP. But you're welcome to be wrong.
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    Would You be sad if RW....

    Won't be long and he'll have foed every active poster on the board except Twisted. Which is fitting.
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    Would You be sad if RW....

    You got to appreciate getting the "goodbye" from John. It's one of the most freeing and cathartic moments on this board. :ROFLMAO:
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    Our SAD little defense in 22

    It's because John has foed Mael and many others like myself who dare question him. Anthony/John/Dean cannot read their stuff to refute it. It's easier to silence dissent by putting fingers-in-ears than actually providing facts (which seems to be what J63 thought he was good at).
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    QB 2024, would you welcome Russell Wilson back?

    It has to be John63, er... Anthony!, ...or whatever he's going by now.
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    Cliff Avril clone Tyreke Smith DE

    It could be good news, too, if Tyreke is not a knucklehead.
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    Why Tariq Woolen Could be the Greatest Seahawks CB

    Sherman already had some incredible ball-skills, and anticipation as the play developed from watching so much tape. I think Sherm knew where the ball was going before the receiver, many times. That will be the hard part here: teaching Woolen if he doesn't already possess this skill. (Add...
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    I've changed my position on Drew Lock.

    It's not because you haven't explained your position. It's that your viewpoint isn't based on knowledge. You don't have the inside knowledge of the FO, their plan and purpose, direction, hopes, coaching-team input, etc. And I'm not arguing that they're going to make all the right choices--I'm...
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    I've changed my position on Drew Lock.

    I haven't argued anything yet... just asking you to be consistent.
  16. Ad Hawk

    I've changed my position on Drew Lock.

    Aren't Young and Stroud "unproven draft prospects" too? If you're trying to be logical, it's not working.
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    Which season would you rather see?

    Some of the best motivation for rookies is to earn their right to play-time. They need to compete for every snap. Better players should play first, but rookies should snaps as well. It doesn't really need to be all or nothing.
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    Ringer article on Seahawks Offense

    I wish I could know when John63 has Foe'd everyone except Twisted; he's headed that way. He'll wonder why so many people have stopped showing up on .NET. Like just about every other topic, placing all the merit or failure on the side of PC or Russ alone is silly, myopic, and has no conception...
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    I've changed my position on Drew Lock.

    A top QB in next year's draft is no guarantee, and depending on what we have in Lock, may not matter anyway.
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    Introduce yourself!

    Welcome, MtM! I'm glad she left you with something worth hanging on to. This site could use more people skilled in mental health work... maybe even enough data for an(other?) advanced degree! ;)