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  1. nanomoz

    Must listen: Scott McCloughan on Quarterback Evaluation

    Conducted by Rob Staton. Even if you don't like Staton, listen. It's 95% McCloughan talking. He talks about tools, moxie, draft position, and the frequent problem between owners that aren't football people and actual football people like coaches and GMs. And how many QBs are ruined because...
  2. nanomoz

    Seahawks' Most Gross 2021 Stat: Plays Run: O vs. D

    Credit to Cha, a great commenter on Seahawks Draft Blog. But I looked into this, and it seems to check out. It's one of the most depressing 'Hawks stats I've ever seen. Truly horrifying. It's the first comment, if you want to see the discussion: ...
  3. nanomoz

    Is it me? Or was the line better w/rookies Forsythe & Curhan

    I notice they both had a couple of superb blocks. Forsythe stood Bosa up a couple of times, and Curhan totally blasted a dude on a run. Any thoughts?
  4. nanomoz

    For years: Seahawks O makes it look so hard;

    while it looks so easy for opponents. Even when the Hawks have won. You know what I mean? Is it just me? It's so tiring. I'm tired. This team is awful. It hasn't been good for a long time, but Russ's magic masked so many deficiencies.
  5. nanomoz

    "Can you win the game in the first quarter?" . . .

    Go trade the rest of the 2021 draft for a pass rusher. Right now. I don't care if they only have one or two years in the tank. The Hawks are already all in. If you don't take advantage of the next couple years of Russ's prime, it would be such an incredible failure.
  6. nanomoz

    Congratulations, Russell

    On 3-0, most importantly. But also on an NFL record for passing touchdowns through three weeks. 14 TDs. Insane. No one is talking about it anywhere, which is strange. So, it should be commented on here.
  7. nanomoz

    Ron Wolfley: Larry Fitz Looks Like a Japanese Fighting Fish

    And he kept going, told people to Google it. Even after the other commentator suggest, in code, he stop talking by noting that Larry doesn't like being told he looks like a fish. Holy crap. By what measures are networks selecting commentators? What a complete moron.
  8. nanomoz

    Seahawks Scrub Michael Bennett Comments on Cam Newton This is really interesting to me. I know Florio is a consumate muckraker, but it's still an interesting move. Florio, of course, exaggerates and suggests it could...
  9. nanomoz

    Dear Pete: I love you, but . . .

    Your ego and excitability in games are a problem that hurts this team. There might be no one better at crafting a team that scrapes and claws until the final whistle. There might be no no one better at getting buy in from well-paid athletes. There might be no one better at assembling a staff...
  10. nanomoz

    Why are PM's hung up in my outbox?

    I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. I'm trying to send a personal apology for being a dick and it won't send. So, I feel some urgency. :) I searched the FAQ (text search) and the word "outbox" isn't in there, so I don't think it's addressed. Sorry if the answer is posted somewhere obvious...
  11. nanomoz

    .NET Notes In Brief (A Better Twitter) :Preseason Week 3

    Potentially-Arbitrary Rules Post succinct observations that might make others excited, thoughtful, etc. 140 Character limit to each insight (or post?) {this helps:}. Why not do it on Twitter? .NETters are cut from a higher cloth than most. & .NET rules exist...
  12. nanomoz

    Cool Wagner Perspective (I miss Norton)

    Read more here: ... rylink=cpy
  13. nanomoz

    Resilience, competitiveness, and character.

    Has a Seattle team ever shown more? The media tune is understandably that the Pack blew it; but I'm going to focus on this team's grit.
  14. nanomoz

    The Empty Backfield Never Works & Britt Needs Help

    Is it just me? Any time this team lines up with an empty backfield, I'm counting on an incomplete pass. If anyone has numbers on this sort of thing, I'd love to see them. I swear that 4/5 empty backfield plays are a failure. Going back several years. Another thing: when Britt is getting beaten...
  15. nanomoz

    Fisher should call fake FG on 1st downs (we'd fall for it)

    (Or fake punt.) I'm pretty sure it's the third time the Rams have nailed us with a fake in three years. Absolutely inexcusable to not play it safe there.
  16. nanomoz

    The Seahawks have a mediocre defense

    Good defenses don't let teams convert 3rd and 14, or 3rd and 20 (with the game on the line). It's time for Russ and the offense to control games.
  17. nanomoz

    Are the Rams pulling off one of the biggest comebacks ever?

    They were down 34-7 to the Eagles. They've scored 21 unanswered points & have the ball with under 3 minutes left. Austin Davis, dudes. Even Brian Quick suddenly matters with Davis at the helm.
  18. nanomoz

    Could Carolina take the next step this year?

    Their defense is solid. The defensive line is deep and stays fresh all game like Seattle's. The veteran receivers (Avant & Cotchery) aren't sexy, but they do the dirty work and know to work until the whistle a la scramble drill. Stewart looks healthy. Olsen looks great. Benjamin will begin to...
  19. nanomoz

    Hurry up O's, bunch WR sets, & field-stretching pases VS. us

    Was this game an aberration, or was it a brilliantly-devised plan to beat our style of defense? It's not really a secret that Browner and Chancellor aren't the fastest guys at their positions. The Colts pass protected well enough to free up some deep passes. Their bunch WR sets helped create...
  20. nanomoz

    Are you ready for the barrage of excuses?

    Here they come. And I'm so grateful. It's fuel for guys like Sherm and Russ.