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  1. HomerJHawk

    If you boo Russ, are you going to boo Wagner?

    Who in their right mind would ever wish BWagz ill will.
  2. HomerJHawk

    How do you think RW feels about our draft?

    We're in his rear view mirror, as it should be. Bye, Felicia.
  3. HomerJHawk

    PC/JS are fools

    My ball itches.
  4. HomerJHawk

    Kenneth Walker III - Great video profile

    His parents are awesome. What a great support system! From humble beginnings... I've read an article that he could be OROY. Talking heads, of course. But man, I love me some Hawks ball!
  5. HomerJHawk

    Bobby Wagner is a Ram

    Good on him. Mad respect for the guy. And he gets to go back home. I wish him well!
  6. HomerJHawk

    Nonsense, this is a total rebuild

    Its moneyball, plain and simple. They gotta do some jukin and jivin in pressers to hide their intentions for the draft. Bring in a ton of new faces to support the always compete concept. Talk everybody up so you can trade away the ones you know you won't make the cut. Yeah, complete...
  7. HomerJHawk


    Exactly. He's energized the fan base when he's been starting. He'd do the same here.
  8. HomerJHawk


    Hell yeah! Obviously a stopgap choice, but if it happened, I'd ride that train all the way to the last stop.. Talk about immediate swagger. This would be my next jersey purchase. My last one was #54 in 2013. ... r-minshew/
  9. HomerJHawk

    Wagner claims FO didn't tell him he was being released first

    BWagz has been nothing but total class, total dedication to the team during his tenure with the Hawks. A pro bowl player 8/10 of his seasons, and a definite first ballot man that deserves total respect. I'm hoping there was some sort of missed communication, or something that explains this...
  10. HomerJHawk

    Seahawks new DC Just Announced - Clint Hurtt

    This makes me wonder if Norton was just a fall guy. 'Somebody' had to go.
  11. HomerJHawk

    Buff vs KC

    Holy Shit!
  12. HomerJHawk

    49ers vs Packers

    Jimmy G didn't win this game. Your D and ST did. I don't see Jimmy hanging around much longer. Nor does anyone else. Good luck in the NFCC, and hopefully SB!!!
  13. HomerJHawk

    49ers vs Packers

    9ers balled out. What a game! I'm happy to see the NFCW in this position and representing! F the Pack. Go 9ers!
  14. HomerJHawk

    Russell Wilson for Aaron Rodgers?

    Tsk tsk. Clickbait. Aaron is too old. If we move on from Russ, we have to go young. Give me Herbert.
  15. HomerJHawk

    49ers vs Packers

    I'm lovin it!
  16. HomerJHawk

    49ers vs Packers

    Playing for the FG. Go 9ers!!
  17. HomerJHawk

    49ers vs Packers

    Shit, make Deebo the QB. That dude is money every time he touches the ball.
  18. HomerJHawk

    49ers vs Packers

    At halftime? 0-7? You can't win it in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
  19. HomerJHawk

    Who would you choose for Defensive Coordinator?

    I've always liked Matt Foley.