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  1. HomerJHawk


    Hell yeah! Obviously a stopgap choice, but if it happened, I'd ride that train all the way to the last stop.. Talk about immediate swagger. This would be my next jersey purchase. My last one was #54 in 2013. ... r-minshew/
  2. HomerJHawk

    Packers v Ravens

    I don't get it. Why go for 2 at the end vs kick the XP and send it to OT. You ******* deserve to lose. I seriously don't get it. What am I missing?
  3. HomerJHawk

    A little cheer to brighten the mood

    Might be a good time to either watch for the first time, or re-watch and feel the goodness. Its not short, so please, take the time to sit down, relax, breathe, and just enjoy a bit of our humble beginnings. When this man retired in 1989, he held the NFL WR records for: - Receptions (819)...
  4. HomerJHawk

    I love football

    What a great way to wash the taste of the SNF loss out of my mouth by watching two teams duke it out on MNF. Great drive after great drive, stellar play after stellar play. These games are why I love the sport!
  5. HomerJHawk

    Is this type of finger injury fully recoverable?

    I have no idea. Anyone? Any precedence? -edit- Yes, its a finger, but I'm assuming QB is the last one on the team you want to have this. If so, I hope he comes back this season and shows he still has it. If he doesn't come back and we go into the off-season and there's trade discussion we...
  6. HomerJHawk


    I'm not a super huge NCAAF fan, but I do enjoy watching the right matchups and the right players, because I love football. Being from the PNW I'm partial to the PNW teams. First it was UW, then WS, then UO. And sometimes OS. I watched Herbert sporadically when he was playing for UO. He had...
  7. HomerJHawk

    FOX TV broadcast or Lucas Oil field to blame?

    Was it me, my TV, or what, but that broadcast on Sunday looked horrible. The green blotchiness of the field at Lucas Oil stadium looked horrible on TV. It was actually difficult to watch the game at times because of it. Anyone else see what I saw? I've always thought it was Fox broadcasting...
  8. HomerJHawk

    David Moore 38yd catch and run was pivotal

    Second quarter, 1:36 left to play, 3rd and 10 at Philly's 43 yard line. Moore runs back to the ball, sheds a tackle, turns and runs, gets to the 5 yard line. Two plays later Marshawn scores a 5yd TD run. 10-3 at half. THAT was a pivotal play! Let's keep this kid!
  9. HomerJHawk

    What a great time to be a Hawks fan

    I guess I'm getting all sentimental and stuff, but man, what a great time to be a Seahawks fan! Reading all the news about other players, coaches, staff, freaking Franchises! getting shuffled around in the off season,...and here we are, staring down a third. straight. SB. appearance. Let that...
  10. HomerJHawk

    Where was Bryce Brown?

    Did he even play a snap yesterday? The way CM was starting out, I was hoping they'd use BB to see who had the hot hand. I don't recall him getting a snap.
  11. HomerJHawk

    Go Hawks! Rally charge!

    End of the regular season is fastly approaching...and then the start of the playoffs!! How do you rally the Seahawks on to victory and subjugation of our SB victim??!! [fine print: Superstitions are also allowed] I don't have a lot of gear. Over 30 years I've only amassed a couple of...
  12. HomerJHawk

    Russ was ill during the game? Impressive. Shades of Favre and Jordan.
  13. HomerJHawk


    Really nice game! The play where he caught Dez behind the LOS on a screen....beautiful!!
  14. HomerJHawk

    ML losing his luster

    I don't think I even saw him once during the game. He's turning the bend. Hope this Rawls kid works out.
  15. HomerJHawk

    Is Marshawn set to break any records this year?

    Just wondering if he's coming up on any Seahawks or NFL records that he's likely to reach this season.
  16. HomerJHawk

    Lynch article by ESPN's Chadiha ... rust-media Good stuff.
  17. HomerJHawk


    Can you put a SB kickoff countdown clock on the front page? That would be nice. Thanks. HJ
  18. HomerJHawk

    Seahawks hangover - NFCCG style

    What a way to shatter another team's psyche. Unfortunately they don't get next week to try and sober up. They've got 8 months to try and recover from this one. Good Luck Pack. Go Hawks!!
  19. HomerJHawk

    Must suck to not be a true fan.
  20. HomerJHawk

    The 2pt conversion

    Of all the plays that went against us, we had a lot that went our way in the final few minutes. But the 2pt conversion has got to one of the most, if not the most, critical plays of the game. RW scrambling for his life again, throws up a floater across the field to his man in the end zone, who...