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    Pete on Lock

    Says he would have been the 1st QB drafted...this year!?
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    Holy schnikes

    The Eye test, he can pass!
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    Just TANK

    There are experienced options out there like Foles
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    SB MVP QB Available

    Bears are going to cut Foles...Fole anyone?
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    UDFA QB?

    How about Eric?
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    UDFA QB?

    Someone had him mocked to us, but your right he is returning to Kentucky, Mods please cover me and delete....
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    UDFA QB?

    I thought he came out my bad if not....sorry
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    UDFA QB?

    Will Levis
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    Chiefs want to trade up.....???

    The Chiefs want to move up the board to around 8 and may give plenty to do it.... John Schneider paging John Schneider
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    Drew Lock faithful? You might want to slow your roll

    Two Words: Matt Hasslebeck
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    Seahawks Should Sign Kaepernick Pure Future Business

    I smell a publicity stunt, he doesn't really want to play, most have forgotten about him and that means fewer $$$ so he has to stir the pot, to be relevant again. I hope they pass BIG time! I have been a fan since 1976....if they sign him, I am out!
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    Would You do this DK trade? I would in a heart beat!
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    Rashaad Penny re-signed to 1 year deal

    Hope he doesn't prove it then has a great year, and bolts!
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    Draft Trades

    Do you believe John/Pete will stay at #9 or do you think John will trade down and pickup more picks? If so your thoughts on how far down and what they pick up?
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    Watson is going to

    Link: ... tp&pc=U531
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    Foles anyone? ... tp&pc=U531
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    Foles anyone? ... tp&pc=U531
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    Pft says Pete is entertaining colin

    :177692: NO, please!
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    Seattle to work out Kaepernick?

    Fan since 1976...if this happens I am out!