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    Board restored to 2am February 11th. Anything that happened afterward has been donated to the mySQL gods.
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    I'll explain the outage later... There will inevitably be issues, please email [email protected] if you encounter any errors, and I will get to them as soon as I can. FYI: I know the IRC/Chat server is still offline.
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    Annual Portland Draft Day Get-Together

    This year, Zeb and I have decided that our annual Draft Day get-together here in Portland is going to be on day 2 of the draft. Come one, come all to Tom's Pizza & Sports Bar on Friday, April 28th. It's always a good time. 2630 N Lombard St, Portland, OR 97217
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    National Anthem Protest Topics

    All topics started about any of the National Anthem protests will be deleted without warning or explanation. Doesn't matter the forum, or the angle used to attempt to start the discussion. Topics such as this have shown that there can be no actual discussion, only back and forth mud slinging...
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    Requesting access to the PWR forum

    The PWR forum has become a BY REQUEST ONLY access forum. In order to request access to the PWR forum, please complete the following steps: Click on User Control Panel Once in the UCP, click on the Usergroups Tab On the Usergroups Tab, you will see PWR Access listed under...
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    IMPORTANT! One of our own needs our help.

    Hey everyone, At this time of year, we're all thankful for our family, our friends, and the communities that we hold near and dear to our hearts. This year, one of our own, Mike 4G was diagnosed with a rare and highly aggressive form of cancer. From the YouCaring CrowdFunding page: This...
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    Place to watch

    Anyone familiar with Chapel Hill, NC? Need a good place to watch the game on Sunday...
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    FREE SHIPPING - Today only

    Take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING today at and pick up all of those Father's Day gifts that you've been planning to get.
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    Check out the latest gear that's ON SALE

    Stop by and check out the latest Seahawks gear to be put on sale. Get all of you stuff while it's reduced whether it's Seahawks gear or not. Currently the sale has items site-wide at a 25%-75% savings. Also, don't forget that there is free shipping on orders over $40...
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    Seahawks Draft Day Hats has released all of the 2015 Draft Day Hats today. Stroll on over there to pick yours up.
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    Embedding Instagram...

    Instagram changed how they allowed embedding. I've changed the code. Just use the identifier, as you would a youtube vid. BjqfWbcD6Q- BjqfWbcD6Q-
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    Pre-Order your Jimmy Graham Jerseys has you covered with this special event item. You can pre-order your Jimmy Graham jerseys, and they will ship it out to you when he has been officially assigned a number. Click on the picture to be taken directly to the order page.
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    Get all of your NFC Conference Championship Gear!

    This is one that was REALLY earned! Get all of your NFC Championship Gear @ and support Seahawks.NET when buying things you'll be buying anyway! A few examples:
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    Extended Server Maintenance

    I am scheduling a maintenance window for some time late at night for extended testing of one of the servers that runs Seahawks.NET. RAM was all replaced in this server during the emergency outage, and now we need to run complete diagnostics. Maintenance scheduled for 12am PST. Could take many...
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    Get your Beast Mode knitted cap

    Get your BEAST MODE knitted cap from and support Seahawks.NET Bit really dressed for being in the office. Didn't really think of that since the original plan wasn't to be coming straight to work from the airport. Guess they'll just have to deal with it.
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    Big Walt's Hall of Fame Gear

    Get it HERE and HEREand support Seahawks.NET when doing so.
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    Go old school and get free shipping

    Go old school and get free 3 day shipping on all orders with no minimum at
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    Testing timed poll

    This should have hidden results until the time ends...
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    Special BOOM Jerseys

    Fanatics.COM has released special jerseys with the name on the back being BOOM. Currently #25 is available, with #31, #29, and #41 coming soon. Check em out, and be the first on the block to sport these!
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    **UPDATED** Sale Seahawks Gear ... n_sale/yes Has most of the Conference and Division Champs gear deeply discounted. Some stuff is REALLY heavily discounted by having an additional 40% taken off.