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    Sam Howell is our Brock Purdy, until he isn't.

    "The chances go down substantially of finding even a starting caliber QB after the first round." I'd edit this to say including the first round...
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    Sam Howell is Geno's Backup!!

    So you're saying he's a young Russell Wilson? I'll take that all day...
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    Sam Howell is Geno's Backup!!

    "Howell is inconsistent. Makes poor decisions. Falls apart under pressure. And takes too many sacks and throws more picks than we want"... And he's going into his 2nd year. C'mon man!
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    Sam Howell is Geno's Backup!!

    This kid's a gamer. Kinda reminds me of Mayfield. Very athletic and an impressive arm. I enjoyed watching him a bit last year, he stood out to me.
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    Jason Myers

    "Defensive meta in the NFL for YEARS",... however that was YEARS ago. He was absolutely arrogant in his gameplanning approach by sticking to "the vision" and not being willing or able to carry out game specific plans these past several years. Washington's Bieniemy alluded to that fact when he...
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    NFLPA says Russell Wilson mistreated by Broncos

    I'd say Wilson is just as guilty of mistreating the Broncos.
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    My sources confirm Grubb will be hired as OC(RUMOR)

    Obi-Wan Kenobi. They're gonna make Geno play with a blindfold and use the force.
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    I didn’t see Pete

    Who determines what's disrespect? You? Hey Hoxrox, your views are unnecessary. I agree with Fade so shut the hell up. Maybe I'll go on to Scutterhawk, he's got a lot of takes I dont agree with. Hey Scutterhawk, your views are unnecessary. Even though I genuinely enjoy his passion and...
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    I didn’t see Pete

    Jockularity is expected and enjoyed. Telling another poster their take is not necessary is likened to telling them to shut the hell up, which is a call for censorship, no?. None of us have it all figured out so all points of views should be encouraged. Again, that's what brings the juice to this...
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    I didn’t see Pete

    Ok, but checking him on it is different than telling him his views are unnecessary. Unnecessary says keep quiet to me.
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    I didn’t see Pete

    I'm not a Fade apologist, but why are we wanting to silence or censor people. To me, that's the spice of this place, opinions from the whole of the spectrum. There's a lot of passive and also targeted bullying around here that really isn't necessary. Fade has his takes, and he feels they're...
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    I didn’t see Pete

    My belief, without a shred of evidence at all, is that Schneider wants nothing to do with Pete Carroll in a business capacity moving forward. He's literally giddy now, you can tell, when he's in the spotlight. I think the chains have been removed and he's loving his freedom. Again, this is my...
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    Mike Mcdonalds introductory press conference today @ 11 am pst

    This is a very, very impressive man. During the process he was my 2nd choice but after hearing his presser today, I couldn't be more ecstatic that he's the Coach moving forward. I questioned his ability to lead before, but I'll eat my words after hearing what he had to say today. I sense his...
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    It's Surreal: A New Era... Letting Go and Moving On

    Why do I always feel like you need a hug Welsher? :)
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    Do we have the pieces to run Mike McD's Defense?

    I see what you did there...:)
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    It’s Official: Hawks Hire Macdonald For HC

    Wow, you must be a Hawkstorian!
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    EIEI Oohhh!...

    2 Big Macs and 1 McChicken, I'm hungry
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    HC Interview tracker (Quinn, Frank Smith, Evero, etc.)

    If indeed the family came, it's gotta be a done deal.
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    Ravens DC Mike McDonald

    Should we call you "Fade Light" if it's after 3? :)
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    Ravens DC Mike McDonald

    Nobody is an introvert with a keyboard in their hands... :)