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  1. Seahawkfan80

    Rayshawn Jenkins picked Hawks over 9ers.

    I was in the mountains a couple of years ago. A bear came down and said hi. I was near where I was gonna camp and was looking for morels. I had no weapon, just my quad. I looked at him/her/it...and it looked at me. I looked like I was going downhill and not afraid. I ended up wandering over to...
  2. Seahawkfan80

    Pick #81 - G Christian Haynes

    How ya doing Ruminator. Been a while since we stopped the Chat.
  3. Seahawkfan80

    Robot or Emotion

    I would say there is a time and a place for emotional and a time and a place for mechanical. On the field of uh play, go with as much mechanical as you can to get the game won, then go with the emoticon. LOL
  4. Seahawkfan80

    JS: "Role hasn't changed" with Pete out

    I was thinking a quarterback and make him a center.
  5. Seahawkfan80

    Seahawks to sign WR Laviska Shenault

    I have seen looks like new coolers in dumpsters. I have seen looks like new sleeping bags in dumpsters. I took them. Someone elses trash may have been because the previous owner did not use the item no more and it was necessary for someone else to give it a new home. I have a dozen weed eaters...
  6. Seahawkfan80

    Position according to Value

    We have values??
  7. Seahawkfan80

    Building a new defense

    Instead they drafted this one guy in the third that was short and throws the ball around. So we had to change a few things and put him as a quarterback. Cable can only do so much...right???
  8. Seahawkfan80

    Pickett traded

  9. Seahawkfan80

    Was there such a thing as JS guys and PC guys?

    So we brought Cable Back???
  10. Seahawkfan80

    Grading Seahawks 2024 Free Agents

    I think some of the guys we drafted last year and the year before are gonna see some play time. That is the melding of the old and what they will have this year. There have been some changes and they seem for the better. So I think the new coaching staff sees what they have to work with and are...
  11. Seahawkfan80

    Go get Justin Fields!

    Y:all are on the good drugs. I saw him play at OHIO STATE. sorry HELLL Noa.
  12. Seahawkfan80

    Appears many are bailing

    Dont mind picking up guys that dont fit another team's scheme. Sometimes it is just a fit that you need.
  13. Seahawkfan80

    Jordyn Brooks to Miami (3 years, $30m)

    Can we get Cable back....we can draft TEs and make them LBs.
  14. Seahawkfan80

    Hear those crickets?

    I think you are on the same page as Chris. I also think that the coaching staff is not sure what they have from the last 2 years draft wise. So cutting a lot now is probably a mistake in their eyes. But the foundation is looking interesting.
  15. Seahawkfan80

    How would we like to organize this forum?

    I was wondering if it would be easier to cover some of the arts of the game. For example the Cover2 would be a topic. Cover3 a topic or post. Cover 1 a post. THey could then have sub posts on how the other positions use a cover 2 or cover3 in their position play. Like the corners and Lbs. I...
  16. Seahawkfan80

    Why do we care about Russ anymore?

    Seems like he was doing the big play weenie play. I dont know if they have that available in al Pissburg.
  17. Seahawkfan80

    PFF Team Grades For The 2023 Season

    Hey buddy, do you know how they get the figures to line up with the ranking? Is it by team output? Just curious how they can mark it as 12th offensive and 15 defensive with the lower rankings in separate categories. I am a little confused.
  18. Seahawkfan80

    NFL Combine: Seahawks Edition

    Curious if they posted a Nix and Penix Qb summary. Thanks.