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  1. Bootsy51

    Terrible debut

    Our seconds half is terrible in all aspects
  2. Bootsy51

    Terrible debut

    One Quater still 2 Play...iam shure If we Score a Touchdown at the end of 1 Half it's a different Game
  3. Bootsy51

    Who will be the SuperbOwl teams this year?

    I would Like to See 49's -Bills ....and then a great W for Buffalo ;);):cool:
  4. Bootsy51

    Do you want Geno next season?

    As many wrote Here....Geno is not our Problem. First topic is a Solid Edge Rusher imo
  5. Bootsy51

    Game was good

    The turnover killed us.....but iam really proud of the Team .....our time will come .....Go Hawks !!!
  6. Bootsy51

    Geno deserves the 30 million

    Like at the Munich Game its a losing Mistake fumble in the Red Zone.....Nether the less he played a great Season....Lets pay the man
  7. Bootsy51

    I hope they put up 60 points on us.

    What U doin here ???? Cheer for 49's
  8. Bootsy51

    Underdogs....we've been there before

    I cant Help myself....i got the most confident Feeling since weeks before a Hawks Game. We've got nothin to lose , the Niners instead much. In my opinion Geno play better as an Underdog , our TE 's can be a good weapon 2 make fast plays in stormy weather which is predicted for Game Day. In the...
  9. Bootsy51

    To everyone who miss it ....

    I get what U mean ....its other Words for " It's Not how U start. its how U Finish " That's Not fitting for every Game for shure....But it impressive all time is how powerfull His speeches are . And now with that new Team we got are in the Playoffs ... It seems to work again! Go Hawks!
  10. Bootsy51

    To everyone who miss it ....

    Its Just Words, but Words with an huge effect on young Players and Teamspirit itself
  11. Bootsy51

    DropKaylin Metcalf

    From the Minute i heard of his new Contract i ask myself If its really worth for a WR. I'am disappointed of him this season. Seems he regress , not developed in the Game.
  12. Bootsy51

    Seahawks vs 49ers, Wild Card

    12 hours ago i had zero hopes we Clinch the Wildcard Round ! Who thought Lions beat Packers at Lambeau ???? i think we blessed 2 play a "Do or Die" Game vs. a very strong Niners Team ....We got a tiny Chance ....Lets use it Go Hawks!
  13. Bootsy51

    Refs helped Seahawks win the game

    That's Part of the Game (NFL)wether we Like it or Not ... Every Team can sing along
  14. Bootsy51

    Whatever Happens now....

    The Team got a winning record ....and thats Something we can be proud of .... Go Hawks !!!
  15. Bootsy51

    They Killing me....

    I cant stand it ....please Just Score anyway and win !!!
  16. Bootsy51

    Time 2 deliever....

    Now or never....
  17. Bootsy51

    Lockett TD

    Thats huge...Tyler is unbelievible !!!!
  18. Bootsy51

    Offenes to weak today ....

    Bye Bye Playoff's
  19. Bootsy51

    Can’t lose Woolen

    Thumbs Up !
  20. Bootsy51

    Can’t lose Woolen

    It is a Nightmare