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    Dunbar gone - Signing with Lions

    All draft picks need to be DBs!
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    Bored. 2021/2022 season predictions

    Lets low ball these numbers The dude before Dunlap = 1 tackle and .25 sacks per game. So Dunlap come in and adds 1.5 tackles and .5 sacks per game for the position....and you guys think he had ANYTHING to do with shaving off 11 points per game?? 1.5 tackles and .5 sack is 2 plays worth of...
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    Bored. 2021/2022 season predictions

    Lol!! The 2020 Hawk's pass D was 237 yards from being the worst pass D in NFL history. They gave up 285 pass yards a game. With a 17 game season (plenty of records will be broken next year) and current lose of a DB or 2....Worst in NFL history is expected. "Come to science" Ha! Well it looks...
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    Bored. 2021/2022 season predictions

    Well they were on pace to break records last year and they lost a player or 2 this offseason. So its not looking pretty right now.
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    Bored. 2021/2022 season predictions

    Honestly it might be to early to make a prediction. The problem is the Seahawks have the worst pass defense/players in the history of the NFL. The Hawks will lose every game if these are the players they are going with. Let Pete cook until the after the draft and then once we know who the DBs...
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    Will Myers break the record?

    Sitting at 37 stright field goals made and the record is 43...he only needs 7 more to own the record. Does he pull it off or nah? I think he does. Pete can pretty much make this happen if he isn't sending Jason out there for 55+ yarders.
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    Seahawks' free agency patience pays off with pass-rush

    Was there! I remember wondering if .Net would beat out the fourm on shortly after .com did away with their fourm. .Net for life Baby!
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    Seahawks' free agency patience pays off with pass-rush

    If everyone is healthy, the strength of the offence is WR and defence will be DE...I don't think the hawks are done adding DEs. ITS GOING TO BE A SACKFEST NEXT YEAR!!! 2013 who???
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    Golden Tate

    Never going to happen! 1st wife or 5th doesn't matter.
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    Irvin Retiring?

    Lol! Memory is failing me :-) getting old rocks!
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    Trade Wilson now

    Miami has to much draft capital not to make a major something is going to happen!
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    Irvin Retiring?

    I remember him almost going 1st in the draft and how Mora thought he won the lottery with him. It was almost impossible to live up to his hype.
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    Trade Wilson now

    1) The front office had Russ on the trading block, so lets not assume he is loved by them. 2) Miami is a loved location, he could be talked into it. 3) Their QB kind of sucked last year. They might be looking.
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    Trade Wilson now

    Ditka gave up an entire draft for 1 unproven RB, I want 3 entire drafts for DK and Russ. Does that sound crazy? Why? Its because it is crazy! DK and Russ will not be packaged up!
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    Trade Wilson now

    I have been on a trade this and that guy rollercoaster as much as the next bro but sometimes the grass isn't greener on the other side. There is value in proven skills, and Wilson and DK have skills to spare. That being said, Wilson is aging however he is major trade bait. I want 3 firsts and...
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    Al Woods is heading back to Seattle // 1-year/$3M

    Not sure what he has left in the tank...but WOW!! ... &PC=EMMX01
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    Seahawks Free Agency Moves???

    I want Adrian Pederson, lol but no one else is on board. As is, the Hawks biggest need is a 8 of them!
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    Adopt - A - Free Agent

    Yes, there are plenty of Free Agents still to be signed...but when your boy is inked, drop his name down. Last time I adopted a rookie, it was Russell Wilson...I can project players all ALL DAY son! My free agent is Kerry Hyder!! He will do 2 things very well...1) Put up crazy stats for a DT...
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    OT Isaiah Wilson released by Dolphins

    I would love to see this happen! He was late to a meeting, missed another and didn't go to a VOLUNTARY workout...then Miami cut him. This is the kind of steal the Seahawks need!